By fukingtigans - 29/07/2015 15:30 - Croatia - Rupalj

Today, my business got broken into and I lost a lot of valuable equipment. Although I have 24/7 security guards, they left in the middle of the burglary because they were too scared to stop the burglars or even to call the police. FML
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Do you have security cameras or did they take that too?

Dreamsorrow93 24

As a security officer, we don't get scared, we just think min wage isn't worth getting killed over. We are their to deter, if it happens we hide and call cops.

You don't get scared huh? If you hide and call the cops because you don't want to get killed, then are scared.

maybe you should find a job that pays more, then you can take pride in your job.

What good is a security officer that calls the police when you could have an alarm system that does the same thing?

Not to mention that the FML explicity states that they DIDN'T call the cops.

security gets paid above min wage since it's trained labor. there are security thatwill be fired immediately for that. it doesn't matter what you're paid you do your damn job or someone else should.

Definitely not minimal wage unless you're with a bad company. Mines pretty bad but still get like $13 an hour and its 70% data entry. The other 30% is watching netflix.

... Guys, I'm pretty sure #2 was just making a joke. Albeit a bit poorly executed, a joke nonetheless.

Your a disgrace. Don't be a security officer if your not going to protect anything. You practically sit around 24/7 because nothing ever happens. So when it does you better make yourself worth what you have been paid previous to the incident.

duma191 21

You look like a teenage girl. I call bullshit.

A lot of you are truly uneducated on a security guards job. I am also a guard and the primary job is to deter, help and assist. Guards are not crime fighters that's what the police are for. In this instance yes the guard messed up by not calling the police but it's not his/her duty to stop the intruder and possibly get seriously hurt or killed. Guards are taught in school to watch take descriptions and call the police/emergency services.

That is so untrue, most security jobs are minimum wage but shouldn't be. - in Canada anyways

Mortoli 30

lol my company dont allow us to get involved were told to call cops if anything suspicious happens so i agree with that logic #2 however mine solely cause were told to and could get fired if we jump in middle of it. i hope op fires these idiots for not even doing their basic job.

Mortoli 30

but im more afraid of the cops than the burglars lol guess that good quality for me

ZomBSlayR 12

I think it's time to find some new security guards ! Ones who actually have a pair of balls !!

op needs to fire them if they cant even call the cops. . thats the last they couldve done

Did they at least call the cops? Sorry OP): Hopefully you have some form of insurance...

The OP clearly said they didn't call the police...

Anyone like...who? No one else was there.

Well, OP didn't mention anyone else. And I'm assuming the burglary took place at night when the business was closed so who else would be there besides for the security guards?

TheDevilsDevices 15

Ohh someone's ass would be getting beat! WTH

nickb35 1

That's a terrible quality in a security guard...

Honestly it sounds like they were in league with the thieves. Highly unlikely they would not call the police. That or they were not at the store at all and didn't want you to know.

With that cover story, you have to wonder if they were smart enough to ask for a decent cut...but it was probably the equivalent of dogs that get thrown a steak while the thieves walk off with hundreds of thousands in jewelery.