Not a morning person at the best of times

By shouldhavestayedinbed - This FML is from back in 2016 but it's good stuff - United Kingdom

Today, my doorbell rang while I was still in bed. I leapt out and immediately got a severe cramp in one leg, then, staggering around trying to throw some clothes on, I scraped the other leg badly enough to draw blood. When I got to the door there was nobody there, just a parcel on the doorstep. FML
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Was there at least something good in the parcel?

That sucks. Hopefully it wasn't that bad and it'll heal soon!


Should've just went to get it in a night robe. Or just your pajamas. Y u no wear pajamas? But still, FYL

some people sleep in underwear or naked

because pajamas are too hot especially is the summer and letting your skin breathe at night without clothes is nice!

Sorry about that OP hopefully your legs heal fast

Was there at least something good in the parcel?

At least it wasn't a Knicky nine door

I'm sure you can take your time, people wait. Just yell that you'll be there in a minute.

No, people probably *WON'T* wait. I'm from Canada, and here, most postal workers always seem to be in a ridiculous hurry. Most of the time they won't even bother knocking, they'll just leave a "missed delivery notice" slip and move on. I've seen them do this several times, and I've even opened the door when one was trying to leave the slip, and they got all pissed off and stomped back to re-scan the parcel for delivery. Even when they DO knock, they wait a maximum of ten seconds before taking off and/or leaving the slip for you to find. It's obnoxious and frustrating to say the least. Though I don't know about the U.K., it might be similar.

#10: People wait a minute or so where I live. I'd assume it's earlier in the morning if OP is still in bed, so people should wait. I hope I didn't accidentally offend you.. If I did, I'm sorry.

#10, if a postal person wouldn't wait then OP doesn't have to rush anyway. If it's a normal person then they could take a minute. Either way, not worth hurting yourself.

That sucks. Hopefully it wasn't that bad and it'll heal soon!

Nothing wrong with being an overachiever!

Overraine 4

you should get Ring that way you can see and talk to whoever is at ur door without putting on pants it's wonder

Can't you schedule the arrival of a package? If you can, I'd seriously consider doing it next time.

It could have been worse, someone could have stolen your parcel! I hope your leg feels better soon!