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Today, while at the Golden Gate Bridge, I spotted a large group of Asians trying to take a picture. Trying to help, I slowly say, "You... want me... take picture?" while using hand motions. The man looks at me and says, "No thanks asshole, I got it," in plain English. FML
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damn, you're an asshole love you long time! XD

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It was a nice gesture but you shouldn't have assumed they didn't speak English well because some people take that hard

everybody was kungfu fighting!!!! pic-cha

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...and people why Americans are looked down at

fag... pretty sure they have 13 hours of school a day

You racist bitch! Don't you know Asians can learn English?! DAMN! Appearently, you are NOT A ******* DIPLOMAT IF YOU ARE RACIST!!!!! Diplomat my ass!

Ha that's good ole racism for you but If I where Asian and you did that to me I would kick your ass then call you a fag in Asian.

maybe u should have been smart and said it in plain english first dumbass. then if they didnt get it ask them like u did. YDI

that sucks, totally agree with 558

there are a lot of tour buses, though, in OP's defense.

no ahoulda played it off by saying "I'm luv u long time?" lol

happy Dino your a ******* idiot god I laugh at your stupid as shit idiocy.

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I'm surprised by how many (caucasians) think that it is stereotypical that Asians can't speak english. Almost all asians nowadays that have a proper education (when i mean proper i mean normal schools, not the rundown classrooms built in third world countries) know a least a little english. most will be able to understand it but not be able to speak it too well. BTW, I'm talking about people under 30.

I agree with #558, you should pretended that you were the one who didn't know English. Lol. OP, it was a kind gesture, but you should have made sure they didn't know how to speak the language before acting like a retard. Quite a lot of Asian people live in America and know how to speak English, so don't assume things like that! FYL and YDI at the same time, though.

@575, **** you. You say Americans are looked down at why? Because we're all racists like this asshole and we all generalize other cultures? No, we're not all like that and you are no better than this asshole for assuming we all are.

I can't think of a fag word in mandarin lol

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Haha, "And people why Americans are looked down at." Sounds like you really can't speak English. It also sounds like those Asians speak better English than half of the people that commented on this FML. I'm hoping you meant to say that WONDER why Americans are looked down upon. In that case, you are steriotyping Americans by saying that we steriotype other people. Oh, the sweet, sweet irony.

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I made a grammer mistake while correcting your grammer. =D I meant to say that I am hoping you meant to say people wonder why, etc.

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@636 Grammar. Not grammer. Grammar.

ok every1, yes his actions may be racist, but that probably isn't on purpose, however, it does show a typical misunderstanding of foreign cultures. I myself am English but I have a keen interest in oriental and asian culture (yes i know the orient is in Asia but is very different to most of Asia) and many of said cultures learn English as a language in schools almost as much as they learn their native language. Thank you.

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635 also spelled stereotyping wrong.

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The OP wasn't being racist and it surprises me how many people think that. You guys need to go back and look up the definition of racist. But I do think the OP was being a douchecanoe though...

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"...and people why Americans are looked down at" Does that even make sense? I think you meant, "People wonder why Americans are looked down at." Honestly though, he was just trying to help. So I'm not sure how that portrays Americans poorly.

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#558 that's exactly what I was thinking!

混蛋 머저리 野郎 asshole hậu môm

@752 Because he did it in a way that patronized the asians he was talking to. He could have just said: "Do you need help with that?" instead of saying "Do... you.... want... take picture," which seems like he's making fun of them for being too dumb to speak English. Honestly, this isn't THIS guy's FML. I would like to see an FML from the other guy's POV, saying "Today, I met a stupid redneck who assumed I was a retard who couldn't speak English just because I'm Asian-American."

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I don't get how he is an asshole for trying to be nice and help?

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Should've just played it off like *you* don't speak fluent english... Who's the jackass then???

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no she didnt that was meann

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I don't understand all the trash talking on Americans, so 1 guy is a complete idiot so that means all Americans are idiots? Oh almost forgot we're also all cowboys as well...or portrayed as redneck. If I hear or see a britsh guy or girl acting like a tard I don't go and say "Wow, Brits are retarded" or for any nationality for that matter. I have no ill-will towards countries or their respective people's. Nationality doesn't effect the way a person is except for maybe differentiating nationalism/patriotism etc. Anyways rant over, but to OP that was a complete dick move no matter how you slice it. Sure you were trying to be helpful, but think before you speak next time please, thank you.

141 people say FYL. Congratulations for holding the lowest FYL count I've ever seen on an FML post.

they probably krpt getting a pop up on the camera... "did someone blink?"

I live in San Fran and all the asains here don't speak English so I don't blame him.

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ya jack ass just asum they dont know english real smart 

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you should, that really retarded thinking.

agreed depending in where he is from there can be slot if Asian tourists like here in Vancouver for example not many Asians speak good English

Despite your use of big words, your comment is retarded. Nice try.

I can understand him thinking they don't speak english...that's not a horrible assumption. I'm bothered by the fact that he thinks speaking slow, loud, broken english would be more helpful to them than just saying it normally.

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..... you know if you wanted to be a diplomat you could have just asked normally instead of being a douche acting like they didn't know english and treating them like retards...... Isn't it a rule of thumb to ask in good english (shove off grammar police) first and then in broken english if they show that they don't understand?

yeah im asian and thats kind of offensive

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that's what I would have done

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wow, this was your fault for assuming things. you know there is an old saying and it says you know what to a assume does, maybe you should learn it sometime

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That makes no ******* sense.

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7 makes herself look dumb. Maybe your the one we should be speaking to with broken English.

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Wow, you're that jackass... It's coastal California, the population is like half Asian, how could you be so dumb?