By secretninja64 - 21/08/2014 03:47 - United States - Saint Francis

Today, I got fired after three days at my new job. They told me it was because of downsizing. They were still interviewing people and had a help wanted sign in the window. FML
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Hey guys, OP here. Thank you to all of those who are telling me that I can do better and that they don't need me. The job was at Taco Johns so I wasn't all too devastated to be fired. I would have liked them to tell me the real reason they fired me or come to me and tell me what I was doing wrong so I could have a chance to fix it before they fired me but sadly they were not mature enough to do that. The main manager at the store really didn't like me for some reason unknown to me so I'm guessing that's why she fired me. Unfortunately I do live in a state where they do not need a reason to fire someone. Needless to say I will be finding another job. Who knows, maybe I'll go work at Taco Bell, haha. Thanks again.

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meli1195 31

Don't worry OP, at least you won't waste any more of your time in a place as shady as that and can start looking for a better job.

saIty 17

I'm trying to write a joke about an unemployed person but it needs more work


meli1195 31

Don't worry OP, at least you won't waste any more of your time in a place as shady as that and can start looking for a better job.

Roskosity 22

I'm hiring for my traveling circus. That's way less shady, right?

Sure is, 14, especially with that picture.

tony1891 22

It was the "polite" way of saying op wasnt going to work out alright at that position

That's the corporate version of "it's not you, it's me".

Thanks! I love it too! He's my baby boy. He's is 27 years old and dying of kidney failure but he is still going strong. :)

erm. I think they were talking to #2 .....

askullnamedbilly 33

Also, you should probably call Guinness World Records, because at 27 your cat might be the oldest cat alive. The previous record holder died this year at 24 years of age.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

She probably meant 17... That cat definitely doesn't look old enough to be 27. Sorry about your kitty though, OP!

it make sense if they realized they are paying op too much money and can find someone cheaper. . . just looking at the brighter (not op's fault) side here.

No, I meant 27. We got him from my neighbor and his kids were 25-26 at the time and they got the cat when the kids were born. Then at the time I had posted this it had been two years since I got him so therefore he was 27. He died at 28. I would go to Guinness world records but we don't have any papers proving it.

Gravenmuir 18

Well, assuming you didn't do anything wrong to get fired, I'm sorry that happened. You don't really want to work for people like that who would lie to you about the reason you got fired. You're better off now.

askullnamedbilly 33

Honestly, I cannot imagine a situation where they would fire a new employee even though they're obviously in dire need of more help where it WOULDN'T be at least partly the employee's fault. There has to be something seriously wrong with OP's work ethic or character for them to decide to let them go after only three days. Since they're obviously not actually downsizing, there's no other reason to fire someone after such a short period of time.

Gravenmuir 18

I agree, because it seems unlikely that someone would just be fired for no reason. However, I was giving OP the benefit of the doubt with the disclaimer at the beginning.

Also, it would be helpful for the company to tell them at least why they're being fired. Especially if it was something they did or had to do with their work ethic.

Gravenmuir 18

Great point. If I were fired suddenly, I would not leave until they told me why, because if it was a problem with me, I would want to know about it. That way I could try to fix whatever my problem was so I wouldn't get fired again in the future.

Octwo 16

Unfortunately in at-will employment they do not have to provide a reason.

22, I would usually agree with you, except they didn't tell OP what he did wrong. How many employees do you know fire someone for something they did and don't tell them about it? I wonder if they didn't like OP but didn't actually have a good reason for firing him and that's why they used the downsizing excuse. Very weird to me.

Either you're just a really bad employee or they're just a really weird company, anyways sorry OP :/

myind_yabiness 13

Do you by any chance work at McDonalds & have gray hair? If so I think I know why you may be losing your job..

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saIty 17

I'm trying to write a joke about an unemployed person but it needs more work

You're trying to write a joke about unemployment too? Get in line!

BlueFlatts 20

Good thing puns are free because I don't think op could afford any help. Now get to work you two, haha.

Kyle1dc 17

I would join in, but for the welfare of this pun chain I'm gonna hold off for now.

you may deserve better job than this.

You may deserve to be called captain obvious

Well **** em you can find somewhere better op

Why do companies come up with excuses? Isn't honesty the best policy?

It was probably a different position they were interviewing for. Either way, I wouldn't want to work for them anymore. Good luck searching for another one OP.