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Today, a radio show asked the question, "Where does the dentist live in Finding Nemo?" I called in and got through. When he asked me the question, instead of the actual answer I quickly gave out my own address over live radio. FML
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cynide 13

You better hope no one comes over to "touch the butt"


cynide 13

You better hope no one comes over to "touch the butt"

P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney. I think I could legit recite this address faster than I could my own.

Same YDI on this one, that's an Iconic address buddy

12 P.Sherman is his name, you also see it in his office.

53 - I am aware that P. Sherman is the mans name. The sentence/address that is recited throught the movie, however, includes his name every time and that is why I chose to include it in my response too.

ElementaryEdGuy 18

Uhh...the dentist doesn't live there. That's where his office is.

I chuckled a little bit at this comment, which soon turned into a full out guffaw.

154rct 7

I said what what. In the butt

You know, maybe everyone who listened to that radio conversation is like Dori. Maybe they all forgot everything! No?

Damian95 16

Because when someone asks you a question about addresses your first reaction would be to give your own.

Kn0wledge123 21

All he has to do is keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

When in doubt, remember: P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney

flashback.miss 28

well, to get from Florida to Australia, just keep swimming.

Just a heads up, but you should get your eye checked out before you go for a dip. A fish could easily mistake that as bait.

Cellusr20 5

hopefully nobody is looking for you

Did they ask the question at tooth hurty?

OMG no where in the United States has it been "tooth hurty"

euphoricness 28

Two thirty, for the slow ones such as myself.

OMG no the joke was dumb because nowhere in the United States was it 230 the joke lacked logic

The Joke lacked logic, think about how stupid that sounds.

It has totally logic to this situation. Tooth hurty, being 2:30. P. Sherman is a dentist. Dealing with teeth. How is this not relevant? I say kudos on the joke line Mr. Bastard.

OMG that was you?! I'm going to invite all my friends and we can have a sleepover!