By RHChiliPeppers - 12/09/2015 00:05 - United States - Westminster

Today, on a nature hike, covered in poison oak rashes from the day before, I accidentally stepped on a hornets' nest. I'm now covered in hornet stings and I can't scratch the poison oak because I might accidentally touch the stings. FML
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Hey there! OP here. I am completely alive and well although I have developed a hatred for hornets. On the plus side, I did get a pretty badass nickname! - Hornet Bait (RHChiliPeppers)

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randomguy76 14

This is why there are video games about nature my friend... JK. At least you actually went OUTSIDE

UserError94 18

You shouldn't be scratching the poison oak anyway! Now you just have incentive not to lol

AnOriginalName 19

Or calamine lotion for the rash and antihistamines for the stings. The antihistamines will really help calm down the irritation you're feeling from both reactions because they're both slightly allergic reactions.

Dude just stay inside like why do you keep going back out there its not worth it

UhHuhHoney 20

How do you know OP keeps going outside? Lol

yeh gosh stay inside play minecraft, watch tv, eat, sleep don't breathe fresh air that will hurt your lungs and don't even get me started about sunlight gosh what pain

MasterTron 24
nataliewby 25

#7 because the FML says "today, on a nature hike". And I'm not sure how one gets poison oak without going outside in the first place

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That's why I stay inside. At least you were outside, though.

Appeal some honey on the rash this will ease the itch and prevent infections. I hope you can get some in a nearby town.

Yea but then it might attract bees or bears, and with OP's luck that just might happen

dragoongirl90 34

I meant to upvote this. Stupid touch screens.

Ultimawolf25 19

Please tell me what this is from again, my nephew says this all the time. I want to say Dave Chappelle for some reason..

dragoongirl90 34

You shouldn't scratch anyway, you'll spread it.