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Today, I found out that if you accidentally step on your boss's dog's tail, yes, you can get fired. But not because you stepped on the dog's tail. You didn't say sorry. FML
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Aligator67 12

Well why wouldn't you say sorry? Dogs have feelings too.


YDI. that would be quite an obvious thing to say sorry to.

Yes to a dog you idiot. Are you a heartless bitch? You hurt something you say sorry to it. It doesn't matter if it's not a human.

#45 Yes. Get your point across by calling someone an idiot. I don't think the person was being "heartless" it's the fact that the dog may not get anything out of "saying sorry". I would have tried to comfort the dog, if they needed it. I don't think one needs to verbally express it, when one may just be thinking it. Chill out.

id rather apologize to an animal than a human... poor pups tail :(

shyeahh_fml 19

83, I'm pretty sure the overreaction was meant to be funny, and it was.

#114, I apologise constantly for any creature I release into the wild, or end it's poor life. Death to all flying cockroaches, I don't apologise to them arseholes! And dogs have verbal responses to pain, they yelp and wrap their tail in between their legs and have those sad puppy eyes and hunched shoulders...they're like furry humans that can't speak and can't walk (most of the time) on their back legs. So understand not saying sorry to a spider or an ant, because they don't have a verbal reaction to being in pain (that we can hear) If you step on a pup/dog and hear it cry or whimper and not feel guilty enough to apologise...that's a bit heartless in my book.

I'm so torn. Like if it was an accident and OP was distracted and was fired on the spot....i might think its horrible, lol, but not to be fired.

I agree. it's a dog. I wouldn't have apologized either.

Phoebe_Buffay 14

Don't qoute me on this, but I've read that insects and spiders don't have the part of the brain that is responsible for pain and fear. So, in other words, it would be pointless to apologize to them, as they don't feel it. I, however, do say sorry if I take the life of any living thing (yes including plants)

MichellinMan 20

Harder to say than it is for Squidward.

I never say sorry to the table when I hit my toe on it, am I a bad person?

Apparently I need to move to Canada cause I apologize for hitting furniture and I'll even apologize if I'm sitting in a chair and somebody bumps into me

Yes you say sorry, a dog may not be able to talk but it can understand tone difference and words. Enjoy unemployment. :)

I'm pretty sure the apology was supposed to be for the dog.

I apologize to the chairs I bump into. Regardless, if I accidentally injured someone's pet or property, you can be sure I'd apologize to the owner too. It's simply polite.

#46 - It's not a "yes" or "no" question.

28 - I'm Canadian. I say sorry when I kick the carpoop snow off my car.

Aligator67 12

Well why wouldn't you say sorry? Dogs have feelings too.

@110 you need serious help if you don't show empathy to animals, they have feelings too

It's not the words but the tone you say them in that calm the animal and let them know that the pain they just felt wasn't because they did something wrong. The dog belongs to the boss. If the boss decides to bring them to work than that is where they belong.

hazardmuffin 21

@110, I seriously doubt the issue is that OP didn't say sorry to the dog so his feelings aren't hurt. The issue is that OP failed to show that he felt any remorse for causing the animal pain.

Aligator67 12

@110 Dogs do understand what you say though. Or at least, they can hear the tone of your voice and decide for themselves what that must mean. Trust me, I know this. I have two dogs of my own. Though I may be wrong, I know that dogs can sense your mood based on the tone of your voice. Saying sorry gently will calm it down and they won't think they did anything wrong.

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

110- I'm willing to bet money that some, if not most dogs are smarter than some humans. Dogs have the capability to learn up to five words and can behave better than a 3 year old if trained properly. So, tell me again, being backed up with factual evidence that an animal cannot understand the words "I'm sorry."

BradTheBrony 19

While that's correct, I doubt it would understand the words "I'm sorry" as "That person shows remorse for having caused me discomfort." It would be something more along the lines of "this is what happens after having been caused discomfort."

Where did you get that they can learn up to 5 words from? Mine know way more that! The commands they know are: sit, stay, shake hands, heel, stand up, come here, go away, back up, gentle, food, park, go see mum/dad, inside, outside, no, get down, go to your basket, and ok (as in release), and mine aren't particularly bright.

what's wrong with you op?!!! you're canadian!!

IDontKnow10101 14

I always apologize to my dogs when I accidentally do something like that!

Normally getting some tail means getting laid on, not laid off. Tough world we live in.

perdix 29

#6, you might say a "dog eat dog world?"

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

6- Don't you mean it's a " Ruff world we live in?"

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38, nope, they don't. They usually write letters instead... or they'll mention you in their autobiography, depending on whether they can get in touch with you or not.

XBurytheCastleX 25

Yes they do says sorry. They usually lick you, lay on/near you etc.

sometimes they take you out to dinner to make up, too. but only if they're truely sorry.

when I'm mad at my cat, he tends to meow and rub up against me to say sorry.... he ends up looking so sad I have to forgive him. I'll say sorry too if I step on his tail or do something by accident. I think they know.

I am pretty certain my dog does not say sorry. She just gives me those big puppy dog eyes and blames the cats..

111- it's not that they don't understand that they've done something wrong (unless you have a stupid dog, or it's the first time they've done something like that), sometimes they just can't help themselves, kind of like kids. e.g. my dog knows she isn't allowed to touch the kitchen table. But, if there's a roast chicken up there, she's going to be pretty tempted, and might decide a roast chicken is worth the scolding she'll get later.

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

111- Well, MY dogs don't do that. If your dog(s) are repeatedly getting into the trash, that may be your fault. You should have trained your dog(s) to not do that. Anything can be accomplished with training.

get an opposite gender dog and make your bosses dog fall in love in with your dog. Then, your ex-boss will re-hire you

perdix 29

#11, isn't "I'm sorry" the national motto? I've seen it on the currency and the license plates (except Quebec's, which read "Je suis désolé.")

Quebec's licence plates actually say "Nous gérons notre propre merde". FYI.

Rainhawk94 27

I was making a joke referring to Quebec's history. I'd prefer a smartass rather than your dumb ass.