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Today, I was talking to my crush about making the soccer team. Excited, he congratulated me and asked for my number. I gave him my cellphone number. He laughed and said "your jersey number". FML
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so is it bad that he wants to root for you during games and tell people he knows you? consider it. i he cheers for you, the chances he might start to like you increase. just don't get yourself hurt in the game to stand out. Noone is worth you going to the hospital.

you like soccer, he likes soccer, he wants to know exactly where you are when he watches you play soccer... /fails to see FML


haha that happened to me, but with my coach.

It's not that bad! He probably thought that it was adorable. Plus, it was a poor choice of wording, Number is more for phone than jersey. =)

ewww shut up mix it IS embarrassing, it would make a lot of girls feel kinda dumb for thinking that he meant PHONE number psh. but you're not dumb haha it was an honest mistake, seriously JERSEY number? who does that? lol it's not as common as phone number so relax, even if it is a tad bit embarrassing

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agree with #1, it could be worse! :)

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omg that's SO something I would do. you just laugh it off, give him your jersey #, smile and say he can keep your number too and walk away.

Hahah aww.. Hopefully he at least texted? Look at it this way, there's hope, maybe he was trying to be cute and not thinking about what he said.

HAHAHHAHAHAHAH when i read this i laughed so hard!!! that is kinda funny though so i hope you just laughed it off...

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Huh I read that in CosmoGirl... or 17. Whichever magazine.

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bcse ppl don't automatically assume gayness # 15-

"Today, I was talking to my crush who just made the soccer team. I asked for her number, meaning her jersey number, but instead she gave me her cell number. Rather than writing it down, I accidentally blurted out, 'I meant your jersey number.' Now I seem like a douche AND I don't have her cell number. FML."