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Today, I was taking a table's order. After I finished, the guy told me, "Just FYI, I'm not a tipper." Trying to lighten up the situation, I replied, "It's amazing how many people forget I handle their food." He complained to the manager that I'd threatened him. FML
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I hope you got the chance to spit in it anyway.

And that's when you charge his bill extra


I hope you got the chance to spit in it anyway.

incoherentrmblr 21

If you can't tip the minimum, don't go out. Fast Food is always cheaper and they don't need tips...

I wonder if he got a large Farva? The spit is always free, so is the short and curlys

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Rei_Ayanami 18

I really hope you aren't serious. That is very disgusting. Tip or no tip that is disgusting, and against the law.

i personally think its weird they have a tip jar at subway. really? subway?

Pretty sure it's not against the law if you din't tip. It's a personal choice to tip or not.

Ali_Br_fml 33

#56, I think #48 may have been taking about the spit and curly hairs (pubic hairs) that #24 spoke about was disgusting and illegal tip or no tip, not that it's disgusting and illegal not to tip... That's what I thought they meant when they said that it was disgusting anyway. And most restaurants pay their workers a base pay, and they have to live off tips. That's why I tip, because without tips, they'd make next to nothing. Especially if they did a good job and were nice.

AnOriginalName 19

44, in many states in the US, servers don't actually have to be paid minimum wage. The law allows for them to be paid a certain amount by their employer, so that the remainder of their wage up to minimum wage is made up by tips. The absolute minimum for a server is somewhere around $2/hour. That leaves ~$5-6/hour that the server has to make in tips. So yes, tipping is the least you can do in terms of making your server's life manageable. And let's not forget that this whole conversation is just about minimum wage, not necessarily living wage.

It's because the people who work at subway, based on the money they make there, can't even afford an apartment based on the default sales, so the tip is actually what lets them scrape by. It's pretty sad, really. :(

#50 subway has a tip jar because we have to put up with a ton of stupid picky crap.

Right because if you can't or don't want to tip you should never go out anywhere to eat except fast food. Logic plx

If you can afford to pay for a $30 (or however much) bill, but can't afford a few bucks for a tip, then you really shouldn't go out to eat because you must be very tight on money for that to be happening. If you can afford to pay the bill, you can most likely at least afford a 10% tip, if not 15% or 20%. So if you can't afford to tip, then no, you really shouldn't go to places other than fast food. If you don't even have a couple bucks left after paying the bill then you should probably try saving your money better.

If I want to go out to eat, I'm gonna go out. Tipping is not mandatory. You're stupid if you think that it is.

killerdana 19

And you're an asshole if you think it's acceptable not to tip

You know, it's only really American restaurants that don't automatically include tips. In France and The Bahamas and a lot of other countries 15% is added to the bill as a tip. The least you could do since we can choose to tip is tip around 7% if your not a big tipper.

a lot of servers actually live on tips. restaurants lower their pay for like $2 something an hour and they rely on their tips to get paid...

I tip based of service. Service sucks, so does the tip. But where I live, waiters make at least minimum wage. When I'm in the US I always tip. It just depends on where you live.

In America tipping is necessary because that's how servers make their money.

Nobody has even thought to mention that poor service often has nothing to do with the waiter or waitress. It could be a mixup or something else happening in the kitchen. And by the way, mandatory or not, I find that karma works great in the lives of tightwad customers that don't tip...eventually they will get what they deserve.

joshua1615 8

How about all you guys that are saying "I'm not going to tip" or "I don't want to" and all that other shit go and serve and see how frustrating it is when people don't tip and you barely make any money

It honestly depends where you work. In my country, servers actually make minimum wage, not reduced. So whereas in the states, they would make next to nothing without tips, other places they'd make the same as most employees, and still get tips.

#75: What magical Subway is this?! I used to work at Subway and never saw the mythical tip jar :)

And that's when you charge his bill extra

Or hope he doesn't carry cash and then have all his cards "decline" so someone else has to pay.

To me it all depends on the service i have been places where i didn't leave a tip and also left upto $30 as a tip for a $20 meal. But that's just me/ my opinion.

Rei_Ayanami 18

Except for the fact that it is very illegal to do that. Tips are not mandatory, and cannot be forced in any way.

kristabelli 19

I completely disagree with not tipping... but I gotta say, you kinda did threaten him.

I'm a server. I hate it when people dont realize that we WORK off tips. can you live off of $2.13 an hour? if not, either tip your servers, or there's a McDonalds down the street. serving is hard work. it puts a lot of strain on your body and is very stressful when you're busy. people treat us like crap thinking "they get paid for this" yeah, we do, we get paid in TIPS. that guy must have been a huge douche. THE TIP IS PART OF THE MEAL. even if it is not required. always. tip. your. servers.

Dear server. You get minimum wage. Period. If your tips don't make it up /per pay period/, then your employer is legally obligated to make up the difference. So if you're not actually making minimum wage when you add up your tips and your paycheck, your employer is ******* you. That said, it's a service job and there's an expectation of a tip. But there's always that douchebag who won't.

yeah, sadly there are always going to be those people. and yes, we do make minimum wage no matter what because its the law. but if you end up making an average above 7.25 then you don't even get the hourly base pay. my point wasn't really about the money factor, its more about people being inconsiderate. I'm 16 and still Dependant on my parents, but a lot of the other people I work with have kids to feed and rent to pay. I'm just saying that if you walk into a restaurant knowing you're not going to tip, then go somewhere else. now if you don't tip because of bad service that's a different story. but just remember that your servers are people too. even just a couple of dollars to say thank you. I know most people probably just don't think about it this way, so I'm just trying to make light of the situation. have an awesome day!

What kind of person would think that's a threat?!?!

It clearly was a threat, even if it was not meant as one. As in "if you don't leave a tip, I'm going to mess with your food since I have direct access to it."

If he had any common sense, OP is a waiter not a cook. So if he messed with it, it would be kind of hard. He can't just tell the chef "Go ahead and spit in that food for me."

im sorry, but i read it as a threat right away, i know op meant it differntly but it REALLY DID sound like they would mess with the food, so i dont blame the customer... (not saying the op deserves it either)

orbit 22

Yes #83 because it is the chef who is the one that brings the food from the kitchen to the table too right?

If a customer is ever rude to you, go with a sneeze-muffin

Haha, I watched that episode of Friends today! :)

Pstraka6 20

Try to laugh or smile and reassure your customer next time. I don't think your manager thinks you actually threatened the person and go tell him that. People can be super cheap in the restaurant business, but always put on a smile because there are those who will make you leave with a smile too

There are also those that could try and make your life miserable, so it's always best to just smile and be polite at all times. I understand how it wasn't a threat, but it did sound like one whether you intended for it to or not. Hopefully your boss knows you well and understands you were just trying to make light of an awkward situation.

I was a waitress while I put myself through school and my motto for customers like that was "Floor spice makes everything nice!".

Wish I would've come across that motto when I was a waitress. People can be really rude.

You are generally supposed to tip at all times unless you have bad service. But in the states it seems that you tip at all times, sometimes even if the service is bad, and if you don't tip it is considered pretty heartless and rude. As you'll see from all the comments here, the waiters in the States only make minimum wage, and usually less for a base salary and the tips make up the rest. So many servers barely make enough to live off of. Things seem to be different there than here in Canada and in the UK, although in Canada and the UK you should still tip if you got good service, if it was really bad than its fine to not tip.

maxzilla1979 2

Floor spice n spit are a great combo for the non tipping type!

It's extremely rude to not tip. Waiters/waitresses make below minimum wage. They survive off tips. Unless they were piss poor, always tip. 15% or more for good service and 10% or less for shitty service.

The_Big_Boss 20

I hate how tipping is a requirement - regardless of the service. Tips should be earned, not given.

First off, I used to waitress and I know how hard the job is, so I always tip at least 20%. But the number of up votes for "floor spice is nice" is astonishing! I would never alter/ mess with a customer's food no matter how much of a jerk they are. That is completely disgusting and makes the server look way worse than the other person.

I always tip at least 20%. But I have tipped $0 and $0.01 on separate occasions for truly awful service. I'm not gonna give you money simply because you make $2/hr. You have to act like a human to deserve a tip

Well, it does sound a LOT like a threat. Either way, he doesn't seem to intend to tip, so just spit in his food anyway.

It didn't sound anything like a threat. She was just pointing out a fact to the man. A threat would require "I will" or "I might" something along those lines. OP was just stating a fact she found interesting and relevant to the conversation.

A threat doesn't require the opener of "I will" or "I might". Have you ever heard of a veiled threat or an implied threat? This was clearly one.

It definitely sounded like a veiled threat whether it was intended or not. However whether someone tips or not, it is never ok to spit in somebody's food. It's so disgusting and someone that doesn't tip or is rude, really isn't worth your time or the possibility of losing your job.

i read it as a threat and it took me a while to understand how op was joking. if someone said that to me i would imediatly think they wanted to mess with my food... i understand thats not how op meant it but they should be aware how they came off

You guys are right. I was wrong in suggesting OP spit in their food. However, it does sound quite a bit like a threat, so I'm not going to say that the customer was wrong in assuming it WAS a threat.

"If you don't make a donation to the neighborhood safety alliance, well... bad things can happen. You'd be amazed at how often these old buildings burn down." That's right on par with 'You'd be amazed at how many people forget I handle their food". I'd take them both as threats, personally.

courtjester86 8

I would have complained and left to make sure you didn't do that to my food. Ydi. What did you expect saying such a thing? I'm a tipper though so I wouldn't have said what he said; but still...

he shouldn't have said anything at all. if he's not a tipper, that's his choice... he doesn't need to point it out and make things awkward.

I completely agree, I don't understand why he would say that as it just makes things awkward for them both.

actually I've known a lot of waitresses to say that they would prefer the customer to be upfront about it. it shouldn't affect the quality of the services but it can be better to know than to wait and find out later

im not agreeing with the customer, they sound like an ass, but a lot of people would read ops "joke" as if they were actually going to mess with the food, which wouldnt have been deserved just cause the didnt tip