By Anonymous - 31/10/2014 10:55 - United Kingdom - Pontypridd

Today, my boyfriend told my four-year-old sister that "fatass" means "beautiful lady." I didn't know about this until I took my sister shopping with me. The woman at the till said she was adorable; my sister replied, "Thanks, fatass." FML
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Technically, OPs sister is really nice. She just complimented that lady.

aww kids will be kids. you should really tell your boyfriend off

But at least you know that your sister meant it as a compliment

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wish I could have seen it though, couldn't stop laughing :)

Well, that was totally appropriate of him.

I don't know why but I don't think she's gonna go shopping any time soon with you ...

No no no! You much teach her right. For example the meaning of the word "********", that also translates into "boyfriend"

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Does your boyfriend think you're a "fatass?"

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Omg, you better hope she doesn't say it in front of your parents, or that boyfriend will probably never be welcomed in the house again. I'd tell her never to say that again if you ever decide you want to keep him without that glare parents give when they think he's a bad influence...I mean, he is, but they don't need to know that. You know how parents get. ONE bad decision, lol.

How is OP's boyfriend being a bad influence? I'm sure it was done in the name of fun lol

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#34 That's not really something that a boyfriend should teach your FOUR year old sister... Pretty inappropriate.

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Sounds like you should teach your boyfriend the definition of "idiot" by reprimanding him.

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So has she called you fat ass yet?