By Anonymous - United States - Needles
Today, I was meeting my boyfriend's mom. She was driving us to a theme park that was about 2 hours away. She asked for the address to put into the GPS, so I gave it to her. It turned out to be a farm, an hour away from the park. So much for good first impressions. FML
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  NeatNit  |  32

In most normal GPS apps like Google maps or Waze, you can just type in the the park's name. It's never led me anywhere wrong, and its ETAs are unbelievably accurate (to within two minutes an hour before arrival). Waze is awesome; Google bought it up a while back and eventually they'll integrate it into their own Google Maps.


  salamander461  |  11

Interesting... I've never heard of Waze- I'll have to try it out. My husband always tries to insist that I use Google maps when we're driving together, but I'm more used to Apple maps. He always ends up being right about it, though...

  MinaGermania  |  12

Happend to a friend of mine during our vacation. The GPS decided not to let us take the Highway but take us through every City or village and country road on the way. That should have bin her fml, but we all understood we were just happy to get there and enjoy our time together :)

  SammyS2012  |  21

when i had my iphone and they implemented apple maps, i was trying to navigate my father to a Girl Scout meeting house, and the GPS took us to a Gentlemen's Club. That was a very awkward time...

  alycion  |  38

If she understood a GPS, she would have chosen the points of interest feature over the address. I found that that feature is a lot more reliable when trying to get somewhere in Orlando. Amusement parks are usually listed. When I drive someone somewhere I will get the name of the place and find it that way or look it up myself. Had people give me wrong addresses one too many times. And I don't care how understanding someone is, an hour out of the way is a lot of gas. I hope op offered some gas money towards the mistake.