By Owww1 - United States - Bullhead City
Today, I learned that before you tell a blonde joke, you should make sure that your high school's 6'8", 275-pound, blond quarterback isn't standing behind you. FML
Owww1 tells us more :
Why did the mirror have holes in it? A moron kept trying to shoot himself.
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  JazzHandsFML  |  28

he can't outrun the football spiraling towards his head. but op how about this "that person over there is black therefore stupid" it's a genetic Color and you're basing an iq on it. skin or hair it's not a selection. at least blondes aren't as dumb as you op

  ordon  |  14

You really can't compare skin and hair color. Blonde hair can occur naturaly in any race. Also you can dye hair. I've never heard of people being oppressed because they were blonde.

  sunnyskys  |  25

I laugh about blond thing is if you put a mirror at the bottom a pool I probably would drown because I'd be to curious and want to know what I look like when I'm swimming, yup thats me putting blonds to shame. ^-^ sorry guys.

  boating_guy  |  33

Probably until he figured out the joke was about him. Lol also the word blonde was used twice but spelled a different way.

But I doubt someone would start a physical altercation over a joke. I mean honestly, grow up

By  2retz  |  11

not being sexist here, but I thought that blonde jokes were aimed at the blonde females. your quarter back need to chill out! unless he has boobies lol. I mean no offense by that comment either.


Actually you're not wrong! Blonde is the feminine form of the word, the little known masculine term is blond. Brunette and brunet are another example of this. Don't you just love trivialities?