By Anonymous - 28/01/2016 02:44 - Canada - Victoria

Today, I received a phone call from my boss, from the other side of the country. It seems the conference I sent him to is actually happening next week. FML
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well hopefully your boss wanted a little vacation across the country :p

Psycocharger 19

Well that's unfortunate, hope he isn't mad about it! Everyone makes mistakes!


Enebi 18

That really sucks op, hopefully you can make the next one

Psycocharger 19

You misread it, OP isn't the one that went. They sent their boss.

awildwhisper 30

Surprise vacation! Hopefully he calms down and isn't too mad at you for wasting money when he gets back.

Psycocharger 19

Well that's unfortunate, hope he isn't mad about it! Everyone makes mistakes!

I can't imagine he's happy about it. Her mistake probably cost the company thousands in travel costs and lost work hours. She sent her boss across the country for an event that wasn't there. He will have to repeat the whole process in a week, and will likely be audited for the doubled travel expenses. It will not be fun.

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#9 I don't think it would even be worth coming back home for. It would most likely be cheaper to just stay there until the event.

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Yes, but you can't really apply that cliche to the matter of OP sending his boss on a trip for a meeting that isn't occurring.

#12: My bosses travel frequently, and I'm being sent out in just over a week as well. I can say with high certainty that OP's boss would have had to jump on a plane back home as no company will pay for what is essentially a free vacation. Besides, being forced away from one's family/work site and waiting for an event a week away could have significant effect on spouses, children, schedules, meetings with other clients, etc.

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Plot twist, her boss knew that she got the date wrong and is having a blast.

Well, I'd say this is better than it being last weekend. At least he can still make it. Sorry OP, but it could be worse.

well hopefully your boss wanted a little vacation across the country :p

Hopefully it's a nice area in which he's happy to spent an extra week?

cprad11 12

I doubt he's happy about all of that time wasted.

Well it does depend on circumstance, my mother was sent down to a conference in London, and the first day was cancelled at short notice, she was fairly happy to have a day in which to do as she pleased, paid for by her company. I admit a week is a different scenario entirely, but if it's a nice place the situation isn't as awful

I highly doubt he can afford to be away from work for an extra week. True, his schedule would probably be clear for this week, but all the meetings and appointments for next week will have to be cleared and rescheduled, possibly to this week. Plus, it would probably cost a fortune of company money to stay for an extra week, which they wouldn't allow him to spend on what is essentially a vacation and non work related. Even if he is the owner of the company and is in charge of the money, it would cost a fortune for him to stay an extra week somewhere. Hotels alone usually cost a minimum of $100 a night. Unless he actually decides to take this as his vacation time he will most likely have to come back home, and fly out again next week. I hope he's gently on op, although it's a pretty big and costly mistake. Mistakes do happen.

Suprise vacation! But seriously, that sucks, OP.

At least you sent him a week early rather than a week late

Might be a good idea to triple check dates next time.

It happens. After all we are only humans Don't worry. Explain the whole situation to him

Seems like the situation is she ****** up. Sometimes it's best to just come clean, eat it and move on. Reasonable people respect those who admit their mistakes.

I used to coordinate a conference/meeting schedule for a remote sales force. What happened to you, I used to have nightmares about. My sympathies, seriously.