By Minnie - 12/06/2016 13:33 - United States - Jacksonville

Today, I was invited to go to a BBQ with one of my guy friends. It turned out to be a surprise engagement party, and every single one of his friends congratulated me. I'm not his fiancée. FML
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So, he just told everyone you were engaged without even asking you? That's just weird. I hope you were honest to his friends.

That's kind of creepy. I sincerely hope it was a major misunderstanding.


It sounds more like his fiancés FML

He seems to think otherwise

Did he lock you in his apartment after you tried breaking up with him?

Fiancé? Fiancée? Aren't you a girl? Awkward situation though. How did that even happen?

she is a girl that's why she used two e's

wait, what happened?

wait. I'm very confused. do none of his friends know the woman he's going to marry? why would they all think it was you? and where was she?