By thanksgrandpa - Canada - Concord
Today, an attractive woman sat beside me at the doctor's office. Unfortunately, on my other side was my senile old uncle who can't control his bowels, and after a few uncontrollable farts, she was on the other side of the room. FML
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By  _awwhellnaw_  |  45

I dunno about her, but when I go to the doctors, it's because I'm sick, and the last thing on my mind would be getting a date.

  PANDORUM89  |  21

agreed, same for me. however I know a lot of people that go just for preventative care. one of my friends goes FOR EVERYTHING. if she sees a spot on her arm she goes straight to the Dr.
Overall, we don't know what kind of Dr. they were there to see so she could've been in fine health, just there to get something looked at.

By  doemetoch  |  28

Oh get over yourself, it's not like you HAVE to try and flirt with a woman just because she's attractive. She probably wouldn't appreciate getting hit on while waiting to see a doctor. You're there to help your uncle, how about focussing on that instead? The poor man can't help it if he has to fart a lot.

  Algorithm  |  24

"Today, some asshole tried hitting on me at the doctor's office. He was perfectly healthy and there to escort his sick relative. I was more preoccupied with whether I was going to have to miss work the next day and get fired/whether the lump in my breast was cancer/how I was going to pay for my surgery/insert five million possible scenarios here. FML."