By jennabean - United States
Today, I was in the car for 8 hours driving home from North Carolina with my family. We brought my dog along and I was petting her for most of the ride. I thought she fell asleep, so I continued to play with her. She never woke up. I played with a dead dog for almost an hour and a half. FML
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  GmanG  |  0

The last sentence sound so harsh :( "I played with a dead dog for almost an hour and a half.", while it should atleast be "my dog has died :(((((((((((((((("
If my dog died - would cry as hell... I guess you never really cared for him...

  narsty  |  0

Actually, any dog would love to go that way; in the seat of a moving vehicle, in the arms of its owner, and coming back from North Carolina

Beats dying alone and in extreme pain

  Carribu  |  0

I swear #34 and anyone who agrees with them is a bitch, I swear. Yes, it sucks that her dog died. But how do you know that the OP wasn't crying? What's that? Oh yeah. You don't.

You's just freaked out and upset at the same time. Quit being judgmental pricks.


Thank you, #34! I totally agree. She's upset that she touched something dead, not that her dog died. She should be happy that her dog's last moments were peaceful and involved being petted and played with.

  sharpiemagic  |  0

i agree sorta. its an fml and a ydi. but #2 was just being a troll. he/she had no thought behind the response and expected a violent reaction for saying ydi to a person with a dead dog.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

I understand where you lot are coming from, but I don't think she is completely unconcerned. She DID take the dog along and give it attention; that shows she DOES care about it. Some people grieve differently; I know when one of our kittens died all I could think to say was "where's the shoebox." Does it mean I didn't care? Oh no, I definitely cared, but sometimes you just don't know WHAT to think or say.
And I think that, since she posted it on FML, she's probably recovered from it now, and found humor in the situation, rather than a completely depressing memory.

That being said, OP, how did you not notice she was getting cold and stiff?

  ily_hun996  |  0

"was getting cold and stiff" THATS WHAT SHE SAID. Anyway sorry, that was mean :( I just had to!

But she wouldn't notice that her dog 'felt' dead, I'm pretty sure a dog won't do that within 2 hours of it's death, and I really don't think you could tell if it was a big dog covered in fur or something. Anyway, to the OP, I'm so sorry!! I would cry for days if that happened to my doggie :(


#34 way to over-analyze a few lines. She just phrased the last sentence like that to show that the dog was dead, and she didn't realize it until half and hour later. My condolences to the OP.

  AMMM  |  0

WHAT! She did not deserve it, no one deserves that. She'd pet a dead dog, a member of her family for half an hour. You know how horrific that would be?

I'm so sorry for your loss, so very very sorry.

  ellybelle  |  0

#2 they so did not deserve it. im so sorry to hear that...that would be awful, i cant imagine what i would do if that happened to me with one of my dogs or cat. peace.

  bskballa92  |  0

I'm calling bullshit on this one, when a dog dies or any animal dies, all fluids and waste leave the body Unless your dog just emptied its bowels and bladder seconds before outside, you would have noticed the dog emptying all over the place...

Sorry, bullshit.

  slurshies  |  11

would you not have felt the dog become cold and stiff?? forgive me if I'm wrong, but my dog died recently due to cancer, and he was stiff within 20 minutes. (and he was a big dog, black lab x wolf)