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All you need to do is show him your manparts. Sure, you might have gotten kicked out, but your point would have gotten across much faster.


hahaha, that happened to my friend Grant, who has really long straight blond hair, all the time when he and I went to India in 08.

By  fmljw

LOL @ #5 why were the men and women searched separately? sounds like a case of harassment.


it was just to prevent the sexual harassment, imagine ourself being frisked by the opposite sex, in case you're not homosexual. LOL

I have nothing against crossdressing, but this is why you shouldn't do it: it's such a taboo that anyone who is against it is going to shut anyone who does it out.

You could have made it a 'shorter' period of time if you just pulled down your pants...unless you felt embarassed you were 'short'. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

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