Wrong size

By ali927truthh - 12/01/2020 03:00

Today, when I finally got delivered the new kitchen table that I ordered online a week ago, I found out that it was actually a kitchen table for a dollhouse, as I forgot to check the size. FML
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Didn't the teeny weeny price also provide a hint?

yeah. I deserved it.


yeah. I deserved it.

Maybe you did a little bit

Didn't the teeny weeny price also provide a hint?

It turns out that stunningly overpriced dollhouse furniture costs about as much as reasonably priced human-scale furniture.

You're not wrong. I take doll photos and have built a custom dollhouse, and some of the high quality stuff built by really talented people can cost a huge amount.

Get some Pym gas and hope you shrink to the right size.

So. Was it very cheap for human house kitchen table or very expensive for a doll house kitchen table? 🤔

I hope you didn't pay several hundred $ for a dollhouse table.

what did you expect for $4.95? #Fake

It would depend on what exactly they mean by kitchen table for a dollhouse. Looking it up, I can buy a fairly basic people sized dining room table for about a 100 bucks on sale plus tax and delivery. On that same website I can buy doll furniture for dolls 18" starting at about 20 bucks and going through a range all the way up to about $350. The same as with human furniture it's really dependent on what the doll furniture is made out of, whether or not it is handcrafted or mass produced, and of course the size of the item which is proportioned to the size of the doll it is meant for. So it is, in theory possible, that if the OP didn't look at the proportions and the seller didn't label it clearly as doll furniture, that the OP could have ordered what they thought was a basic inexpensive table and instead got a table for a larger doll. It is also possible that the OP is saying it is a table for a Dollhouse but it is actually one of those pieces of furniture made for toddlers playrooms/playhouses.

I'm pretty sure the price should have been your first clue. This is completely ridiculous. ydi

This happened on an episode of the middle.

This is hilarious hahaha

....and how much did you pay for it?