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Today, I was hiding Easter eggs around the house when my 7-year-old triplets woke up from their nap and saw me. They quickly realized that I am the Easter Bunny, and then they guessed that I am Santa. Now I have 3 crying second graders. FML
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Couldn't you have gone with the 'the Easter bunny was so busy today he asked me for the help ' line?


tbh I wonder how this very thing doesn't happen more often

Couldn't you have gone with the 'the Easter bunny was so busy today he asked me for the help ' line?

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I think that are pretending you just wanted to get some eggs for yourself would be the way to go.

Could be wrong but I think she panicked. I wouldn't have thought of that on the spot like that.

My sister got upset when my mum pulled that line about Santa. She thought Santa didn't visit.

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How? Every kid finds out eventually

Yeah! I am totally fine about it! Haha! Ha .. Ha .. "Eats hair"

I'm not. My parents systematically lied to me for years about the provenance of my Easter Chocolate and Christmas presents. Because of this I refuse to believe them when they say something ephemeral is real. Like income inequality or the wage gap or Elvis.

Not every kid believes in fairy tales. I never did. Of course, at age 6, I was scarred finding out at Sunday School that adults believed some myths.

Why didn't you say that you were trying to find all the eggs before they woke up?

Just tell them the easter bunny was sick and asked you to help him with his job

Lie to them OP. Lie like you've never lied before!

You mean like how she lied about the Easter Bunny???

Tell them that Easter bunny was sick.... but it's too late I guess.

Well, at was going to happen anyway, now you get it over with sooner rather than later.

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It hurts at first, but better off with all of them finding out the truth at once instead of the slow reveal and sob fest one at a time over the coming years. Glad you survived this one! And take this as an opportunity to save all kinds of money OP! Make a point for their presents to be less expensive, as mom is buying them and not Santa. This could be a great financial moment for your family! Good luck! ;)

Wait til they find out about the Tooth Fairy!

DAMN KIDS and their deductive reasoning...

This is why ALL of my sons pajamas have dingle bells.