By hollyglambert - 27/03/2016 17:21 - Canada - Victoria

Today, I went on my first date. When we got to the restaurant he started hitting on the waitress. As soon as we sat down he took out his iPod and watched a video, then took out his phone and went on Tinder. Then about a minute before the bill came he dissapeared to the bathroom for 20 minutes. FML
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hollyglambert tells us more.

OP here. Thanks everyone. Don't worry I won't be seeing him again. Also responding to that one guy, I did not expect him to pay the bill however I would have liked to go halves instead of pay for us both. Anyways thanks guys :)

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The date shouldn't have gone long enough to get a bill. You should have walked when he started browsing Tinder.

If you ever see that guy again, Please kindly beat the shit out of him or have someone else do it if you are unable


TweetAnne 13

What a douche.

Bet he didn't get a second date.

Well now ya never know. OP could be one of those girls who loves a man who treats her like shit and she's just telling us she found her perfect man... OR she should've hog tied and castrated him. Anxiously waiting to find out.

#13 I highly doubt this would have been an FML if OP appreciated his lack of respect and effort.

If you ever see that guy again, Please kindly beat the shit out of him or have someone else do it if you are unable

That's no fun :P

mm12344 8

Well hopefully felony assault charges will be worth the fun!

assault is only a class b or at worst class a misdemeanor in most places

Better idea…beat the shit out of him and THEN invite all your friends to kick him in the nuts…that way, he'll be removed from the gene pool XD

The date shouldn't have gone long enough to get a bill. You should have walked when he started browsing Tinder.

xcllla_ 26

He've watched video on his iPod before Tinder. It clearly showed his "interest" in OP.

should have walked when he hit on the waitress lol

True enough, but I'm guessing it must have been very awkward for her. Maybe she didn't want to create drama by suddenly leaving?

zeffra13 31

Since it was her first date (I think she meant in general) she was probably too nervous to just walk out.

So I guess no second date with a guy like that!

Are you sure it was date?

Even if it wasn't, polite people still don't act this way. Doesn't matter if it's a date or a friendly dinner with a good acquaintance.

I'm surprised you survived that far in with such a rude person.

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Simple. Unless otherwise agreed upon, whoever requested the date pays!!!!

Willibobs 33

She never said he should, just that he left to go to the bathroom just before it came... She could have been paying half for all you know but he left so she had to pay it all.

My boyfriend and I had this conversation last night after we went out for dinner and the movies - We've been with each other since I was 19 and he was 21 (I'm 22 soon and he's nearly 24), we could only just afford the cinema back then because we were in college and didn't have jobs (we paid for ourselves at the movies) - Now that we have slighly better income coming in, one of us pays for dinner and the other pays for the cinema OR we split the bill at dinner (I'd rather do this because I have a small appetite and don't finish my meal all the time and I feel bad that he pays for it) and then one of us pays for the tix at the cinema and the other pays for the sweets, popcorn, drinks, etc. Of course, if it's one of our birthdays or if one of us is feeling generous, one of us would pay for everything on the night, but it's rare enough. It depends really, we don't organise who pays what before we head out or anything; we just go with the flow.

mwali02 32

It is so not the time for this debate #12. OP has a much greater problem at stake. So sorry you endured any of that nonsense OP. Good luck with the next guy. When you see the red flags come up in future dates, know that you have our support to get up and out of there ASAP.

thenetflox 4

It's most likely he stiffed her the bill, that's why he was in the bathroom for 20 minutes

It's hard to split the bill with someone who is hiding in the bathroom.

In this case the guy should pay the bill as he had no interest in an actual proper date and therefore wasted the OP's time. In general though, people should split the bill.

If he goes on Tinder, it's a rrathet clear sign that he has no invested interest in the date. You should respect yourself more and leave.