By Bontempi - 19/07/2012 18:55 - France

Today, I returned home to my parents' house, drunk. Hungry, I grabbed a slice of bread and some butter and took two mouthfuls. Five hours later, my mother woke me up and dragged me to the kitchen. In the middle of the table was a buttered, half-eaten sponge. FML
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Well YDI

Pointing out the obvious in order to get the first comment is a superb idea!

SenselessPattern 12

I'd call 911, but you just sadistically murdered Spongebob so you'd probably get arrested.

Well there's a button for that.

I seriously did not get this FML at first. I thought sponge meant some type of bread, until I read the other comments. Fail.

@15: Wearing a push-up bra to make your boobs look bigger is a superb idea!

15 all I have to say is bitch please >.>

33, who do you think you are


why do people vote down comments like these? nothing wrong with them...

Oreohugzpenny 4

You murdered Sponge Bob! You're next....:}

gmc_blossom 21

49- Running around leaving scars? ;3

122. Collecting your jar of farts?

155 tearing love (or sponges) apart

15- You trying to be deep or something with your messed up hair.....?

Must of been pretty good if he didn't notice.

Oh, excuse my comment. I didn't notice the "drunk" part. FML

Well I don't think it was tasty.

It musthave not been that good because Op didn't finish it.

Ni, not very yummy , but He was drunk so the taste didn't matter xD

I thought the French were supposed to be the best cooks? :P

At least he didn't put it in the toaster...

looloothing 9

Best FML I've read in a while.

Everything's better with butter

You ate BOB!!!

So did patrick. Sponge bars are delicious!

Sponge-Bob, NNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!

You killed sponge bob. You bastard!

Squidward: Ahhh peace and quiet. *pulls out clarinet in order to destroy I mean delight the ears*

Good one squidward.

I shall apologize for that stupid comment.

No need to apologize. Stupid comments come and go. It happens.

onemorehuman 3

Did you ever notice no one in spongebob has ears? How can anyone hear squidward and his clarinet or spongebob and his laughing

*Sniffle* He was one of the best frycooks ive ever had *Sniffle*

Hahaha nice one!

Sandy Cheeks, mermaid man and barnacle boy all have ears :P

tinkrocks98 6

#176 use your imagination !

I really hope you didn't come here looking for sympathy, OP. You completely deserved that one.

I agree! It is so time you left home and stopped sponging off your parents! ;)

5- I think OP came here because it was FML worthy. Just a guess.

I appreciate these ones more. It takes guts to admit this stuff, even anonymously online. Much better than the whiny "poor me" FMLs.

164- 100% agree with you, they know they're idiots and decided to share with the world their hilarious idiocy.

Was it tasty? Did you get it with extra e-coil?

I was thinking the same thing, with a side order of Listeria

If e-coil is anything like e. coli, that might suck.

rikitsumiatsu 11

That's some nasty shit u don't know how much shit is on that sponge

It not like OP would've eaten it if he was thinking properly. I mean, OP was drunk...

Try pitching that to some local restaurants.

Imagine the possibilities! Sponge a la mode French Sponge SBLT (Sponge, Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato) etc!

Why do I read that with snake's voice?

kut17 11

Good luck pooping that out.

Hey, I bet it's high in fiber!

10 The E. coli, Listeria, and other yummy bugs should help with that.

I died laughing reading this comment.

I can only imagine the embarrassment as a sponge finds its way into the toilet bowl...