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  EnJey0  |  19

Not all cops are bad or corrupt. Most are trying to do their job and make a living, putting their life on the line doing so. Show some more respect towards officers, their jobs are dangerous.

  UserError94  |  18

Ive only met like 2 nice cops in my life. The rest are dicks and racially profile me. I've bean searched, breathalyzed, pulled over 5 times, and accused of smoking weed because "my tongue was green" all in the last two years. Never got a ticket cause I wasn't doing anything wrong.


"Racial profiled"? Your profile is white. And I have a hard time believing most people who say only met a couple good cops and about a million bad ones. I hope you guys get in situations where you need cops, cause you are probably idiots who couldn't fend for yourselves without them.

  lantz4levi  |  19

Well than they aren't dicks. If they were dicks they would write you up. Quit being a whiny ass because you get pulled over. Plenty of people are raped mugged and murdered everyday.

By  cailey1234567890  |  24

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  littlekellilee  |  45

I have a smart car so everyone attempts to pass me too. I don't mind. I normally end up passing then later anyways, it else they get huge tickets for going way too fast after passing me.


And definitely not a two way. Only on one ways and never for merging.
If they're merging half then time I end up having to damn near stop because they're the one that speed up to not let me pass.

  brocho  |  26

Yeah, that's stupid and potentially dangerous. People do that to me all the time too, but rather than playing games and trying to keep them from passing like a child, I just pass them if they end up going too slow for my liking. Yeah, it's extremely annoying when people pass you only to slow down in front of you, but pacing them and potentially causing road rage isn't a good way to deal with it.