By Anthony - 14/04/2016 23:15 - France

Today, on a train, a little boy and girl come up to me and ask how babies are made. Already pretty uncomfortable with their question, their mother suddenly appears and says, "Go on, tell them!" FML
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You should have made up something ludicrous and left if to mom to clean up after.

Don't lie to them. Tell them all about sex. See what that mom says now.


You should have made up something ludicrous and left if to mom to clean up after.

Plot twist: kids were adopted and the mother actually didn't know

Does someone need to tell you where babies come from? Because the mother would DEFINITELY know if her children were adopted...

#17 I think the point was "The mother had adopted the kids, and she didn't know how babies were made. So SHE wanted to find out."

Why does this have so many dislikes? I honestly found it hilarious XD

#22 Think people just didn't understand it

Don't lie to them. Tell them all about sex. See what that mom says now.

This was in France. Teaching kids about sex isn't as taco there as it is here. Europeans believe sex is natural whereas violence is not, and it's the opposite here in the US and in a few other countries.

However natural sex obviously is, I find it extremely weird that the mother wanted a stranger on the train to educate her kids about it. That's the taco of the situation here for me.

#6 Yes Europeans generally don't make such a big deal about sex unlike Americans (also depending on where you live though), but I am pretty sure the mom wouldn't have liked it if OP told the kids how babies are really made.

Use a ton of hand motions or props too if you can manage to find some!

And give details. Let lazy mom deal with it. Not your problem or job.

I would have made her regret leaving that talk up to a total stranger.

There's a part of me that would want to go into graphic detail. But the kids don't deserve that, even if the parent does. Plus, if I pissed her off, I'm sure it could be a legal issue. Won't somebody think of the children?!

I don't understand about being embarrassed about sex, making babies, they are just very curious. Actually i'm mixed about this. I won't mind telling kids how babies are made in graphic detail and tell them they are are too young and can't have babies because their body and mind isn't ready and it's lot of work. But somehow, i prefer telling them it's all about falling in love with someone whatever nem gender is, a romantic way about life without answering their question.

Why so many down votes? I found this to be a perfectly reasonable comment.

Honestly I am not going to educate some random woman's kids just because she is too lazy to do it herself. If she doesn't know then how naive is she and how did she ever pass school?

Just tell them its is still unknown. That response pretty much fits everything

"Why don't you tell your kids how you had sex with your husband and how he ejaculated into you producing them?"

Parenting. If you can't do it, some one else will

And if someone else won't do it, the Internet will!