By Serenadipity - 22/12/2015 03:37 - United States

Today, my 15 year-old brother told us his girlfriend is pregnant. He was taught in his abstinence-only sex ed that condoms don't prevent pregnancy. My parents are blaming her pregnancy on me, for not telling him the truth about sex, because parents giving their kids the sex talk is "too awkward." FML
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31- If I had any inkling of what was going on, I would have tried to do something about it. I didn't even know he had a girlfriend, let alone that he was having sex.

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Your brother and his girlfriend are the only two to blame. If you believe you're mature enough for sex, then you're mature enough to do your homework on the risks as well.


Lmao Ikr? It's literally their job to make sure their kids are safe.

They're just upset and looking for someone to blame other then themselves. Don't take it personally OP.

The OP doesn't need to take it personally for her parents to make her life miserable. That is the FML here.

I feel like she has every right in the world to take this personally.

Slap the sibling in the face with a water filled condom balloon. Then, your parents will decide they know better.

And this is why abstinence-only sex-ed hurts more than it helps...

Let's not forget how Pope Benedict XVI said, on his trip to Africa, condoms only make the AIDS epidemic worse. Despite studies that show using a condom does in fact lower your chances of contracting an STD, he told an entire continent that one solution is a problem. Essentially, the Church is responsible for thousands of AIDS related deaths that could have been prevented had they not taught this. Most Africans that use their AIDS clinics are ignorant, impoverished and don't know any better. While we're at it, search "god loves Uganda" on youtube.

As much as I don't agree with abstinence only education...this isn't that surely? This is just outright lying.

Your brother and his girlfriend are the only two to blame. If you believe you're mature enough for sex, then you're mature enough to do your homework on the risks as well.

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If anything their parents are to blame because they stupidly decided to try and make a hormonal, horny teenager try to abstain from sex instead of educating them about the safe ways to have sex and not get someone pregnant.

Agreed that he should've done his own research, but if a trusted source told him false information, and he had no other outside influences to tell him otherwise, why would he question it?

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he's 15. he can wait. at least until he's an adult. teens don't know their butt from a hole in the ground but want to be out here having sex. i don't agree with abstinence only sex ed, but teens shouldn't be out here having sex period. parents need to man up, teach their kids right from wrong and monitor them.

It's hard to monitor teenagers at all times though. You need to give them some freedom. What do you mean when you say teen anyway? Because 18 year olds are teens but a good two years over the legal age, and legal adults.

As a practitioner of abstinence-based birth control, I can assure you it works. I've also fixed my broken television by not watching it.

They should've been prepared for that wen the time came.

I blame the school for lying, i blame your parents for not telling him, and i don't blame your brother cause he's a ******* kid, his entire life is to make dumb mistakes till he starts making right ones.

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Since when is it the sibling's responsibility to teach kids about safe sex? Your parents are ridiculous.

Your parents don't seem to want to be parents.