By henry feingold - 10/06/2011 04:08 - Canada

Today, my girlfriend and I were making out in a motel room. Just before we really got started I noticed that I forgot to close the drapes. Once I got up to close them I saw 3 maids and the manager run away. FML
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Now let the replies that aren't actually replying to my comment begin.

Now let the replies that aren't actually replying begin

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i think they wanted to join..

He's right, I don't need to "reply" to his comment. So I'll just comment in general: Cats are furry.

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she ruined the making of a homemade **** I could've used in the future -_- FML

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at least you know they didn't have hidden cameras

why not? he can light fires underwater!

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WTF are you talking 33? All sorts of impossible things happen underwater on Spongebob. Also Spongebob is a homosexual.

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DAAAAMN how hot and heavy were y'all lol

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well dont blame them, you left them open. lol must have been something interesting to watch.

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33 I think he could use Sandy's dome as a bong or something

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@48 - How do most of the things on that show happen? How is a sponge being gay any less possible than a sponge being able to articulate words and have human-like intelligence?

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door bell rings: I'm here for the gangbang

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52 Well first of all it's Spongebob...

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Are you guys seriously arguing over a CARTOON right now? It's a /fictional/ show with /fictional/ characters that branches from nothing but someone's imagination. So, yes, ANYTHING is possible like lighting fires underwater and a squirrel living on the bottom of the ocean. However, I highly doubt that Nickelodeon would allow the creators of Spongebob to show him performing illegal acts on it. Now stop arguing over a child's show for Sirin's sake.

What is perverted about enjoying watching sex?

One of the perks of working at a motel.... free **** all the time LIVE!

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house keeping? NO I get involved? maby

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we got some bed intruders..

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hide yo kids hide yo wife hide yo kids hide yo wife, and hide your husbands cuz he's rapin everybody out there! XD

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Captain *******.obvious strikes again! You sir deserve a medal for ur bright mind and cleverness! Here, have my underwear!

lol always check before you begin because creepy eyes through the window kind of ruin the mood

Take it as a compliment! that means they think you're good looking people. I mean, who'd want to watch unattractive people bang?

Anyone who watches cheap ****.. Those people are pretty ugly..

that would be the kind of perverts and gross people...

Spoken like someone who watches people bang on a regular basis...

I saw your profile picture, and read your comment in Russell Brand's voice XD

I hope you realise that's how majority of couple horroh films start.

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That's also how the majority of Hotel Erotica movies start. Not that I would know, I'm more of a Cleavagefield dude.

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majority of couple?? really??

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What part of that didn't make sense? If you're gonna point out something, how about "horroh?"

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r u serious?? y say majority of couple... first off there is no majority of a couple and secondly use only majority or couple....

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I hope you're a troll.. Otherwise, you'd be an absolute moron..

give them a show. cross that that off your list.

hell yeah. I'd love for people to watch me ****. I go hard ;)

I once was making out with my boyfriend half-naked in a hotel room when a maid used her key to unlock the door and walk in. Awkward situation.