By jaimpastaggle - 06/10/2016 14:24 - France

Today, after spending over two hours cleaning my kitchen from top to bottom, my 5-year-old then runs in, yells, “Snowstorm!” and throws a bag of flour all over the floor. FML
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I suppose it's safe to say that you don't wanna build a snowman?


Did you discipline him? Not only did he make another mess on the floor, but he just wasted a few dollars of flour. But FYL for putting in extra work when you didn't have to in the first place.

what ever happened to kids being kids 5 years old flour cost a buck.....covering your kid in the mess and having play time makes memories and builds trust sure discipline when when harming self or others...not because youre frustrated with a situation.

Thing is, a dollar back then let's say, 1980s is now three dollars here. But I get what you're saying. However it seems the general concept that circles a parents head is if you do something bad, you're in for it.

I suppose it's safe to say that you don't wanna build a snowman?

Kids...Sometimes I think I want some of my own. Then I read the kid-related FMLs, and I ask myself, "are you sure you have that kind of patience?"

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I think the same thing when I see Facebook friends post pictures of their cute babies. Then I come on here and realize why I got an IUD ahah.

not patience.....TOLERANCE and a good sense of humor

How does a 5 year old even get ahold of a bag of flour?

Jfc, 9, I laughed way harder at your reply than I should have.

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where did he get the flour? Did he purposely run into the kitchen to the cupboard, quick as a flash whip out said flour and perpetuate his dastardly deed? Or Did he hide the flour somewhere until the right conditions arose? Either way Kudos to him for such impeccable timing.

Sounds like your child attended head start....they taught mine to pour flour all over so they could practice writing their name...

That is what five year olds do unfortunately. definitely F your life.

This is one of the reasons why many people opt out of having children.