By Anonymous - United States
Today, I had to move back in with my dad and brother. After getting settled, I had to shower. I got everything ready and when I got in, it smelled strongly of pee. The stink was so intense I could barely breathe. Cleaning doesn't even help. I'm stuck here for at least a month. I hate living with men. FML
Dee628 tells us more :
I had to move back in until I can move into my building for school on the east coast. I've tried cleaning with bathroom cleaner and bleach, but the smell keeps coming back. Neither of them will admit to it and I never pee in the shower, EW. =P Obviously not all men are slobs, I just wish I didn't live with two of them. I lived with one of my guy friend's last year and had the same problem. I was the only one that actually cleaned. ~_~ (I'm the OP, I never thought I'd make it onto FML, so I was surprised to see this! lol)
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  klutzycleo  |  5

True that, there are many unhygienic men AND women out there. I think why the OP was generalizing like that is because it's more common to find men practicing bad hygiene, than women. Just saying =)


I peed in the shower this morning. not because I'm lazy, I did it cause that bitch shower had it comin. 1. snob shower always has to have its head higher than mine. 2. showers think that if you're not white you must be dirty. 3. plus my showers less than 18 years old and I'm an R. Kelly fan.

haters wanna hate, lovers wanna love
I don't really want none of the above
I wanna piss on you

  wildcatman  |  0

#34 Win

And I'd rather pee in the shower because there's all that running water... oh my god all that water...
And if I get out I might slip on the floor, and I'd get it all wet. Then I'd have to clean that up and the toilet lid would get wet... such a hassle IMO.

By  Radix  |  3

today, my sister moved in with us. she constantly bitches at us for the smell and leaving the toilet seat up. she refuses to cook, I hate living with women. fml.

By  sourgirl101  |  28

If you cleaned the whole bathroom and it still smells, there might be a leak behind the walls. That's what happen to one of my friends. They had to tear down the bathroom wall to get behind the toilet. It was a big job. Hopefully, you can local the problem.