By incaseudidntkno - 18/09/2011 13:36 - United States

Today, on my way to a concert, some guy told me I had cool sunglasses. I was about to thank him until he punched me in the face. I woke up with no sunglasses and no ticket. FML
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incaseudidntkno tells us more.

They were Oil Rig Oakleys and my face still hurts. My friend also got punched in the nose haha.

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Objects in mirror may be meaner than they appear.

You're supposed to black out after the concert


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Must have been some nice sunglasses then.

SIRIN! I wanna hear a wee-woo story. Please?

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This is a random thread


Sounds like you got... Oh wait that joke includes sunglasses, sorry OP. FYL AWWWWWWW YEAAAAAAAAAH

that sucks op. FYL

Damn sounds like the Ortiz vs Mayweather fight. Except in their case it was a belt.

Those must have been some REALLY nice sunglasses.

Fortunately I found someone who had an extra ticket to sell. Not cheap but I needed to see these guys in concert haha.

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Are the sunglasses ok? I mean, you did get punched in the face...

59- what concert?

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My glasses are famous! Haha

The Honda Civic Tour: Blink-182 & My Chemical Romance. On the Camden, Nj Waterfront

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This same shit happened to me when I got the golden ticket for Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.

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What does op mean?

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Optimus prime. On an interesting note Eagles game is on in 45.

36- no one cares about boxing any more... It's all about GSP baby!

did you make sure you were still a virgin too?

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130 - Hell yeah. GSP - He is sick as **** and *swoon*

130- you must just be a ****** cuz boxing is still dope. You're just mad cuz when you signed up for a gym they declined you cuz your fat and they don't have heavy overweight as a weight class. GSP is beast though.

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I know what you meen I would sell my kidney if my ticket got stolen when they came to indy I was frackin amazing

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Well damn... now I'm gonna be sketched out to go to the concerts... Blink 182 and Uproar will be worth some punches though XD

It'll never feel right when a chick says 'nice penis' anymore. There will always be that fear of being knocked out by a punch to the face and me waking up penisless.

Well, FYL indeed. Too bad some selfish bitch got your probably expensive sunglasses.

Objects in mirror may be meaner than they appear.

That's so silly why would he punch you in the face. Could broken the glasses

You're supposed to black out after the concert

I thought it was during?

Omg! OP commented!!!

I'm sorry but who wears sunglasses to a concert?

He or she wasnt in the concert yet

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Could of been an outdoor concert.

I don't see a problem with looking like a tool at all times.

Was Uproar Festival. Tryin to act like M. Shadows of A7X

Maybe s/he was going to see Tool!

^ in response to 48

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Some people with epilepsy wear sunglasses to concerts bc it dulls the flashing a bit and is less likely to set them off

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you dont punch a guy with glasses

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That's when you do the same to somebody else.

guess that's why the worlds as ****** up as it is lol.. too many ppl like you, ever heard of karma lol

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Hang on. Gotta Go shirtless and flex the abs before I reply.... Alright there. Yeah! Fuck people who do that shit


At least he complimented you first?:)

Those sunglasses must have been beastly...but I am really sorry for you the same cuz losing beastly sunglasses sucks...

Decided to mosh early, eh? FYL for having sweet shades.