By Ihatepants - 01/09/2016 01:37 - United States - Wrightsville

Today, I had a full day of work, a social event, and a doctor's appointment. My son looked at me when I got home and said, "Are your pants on backwards?" Yes, yes they were. All day. FML
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How do you go a full day without noticing? I would think that you'd notice if you went to the bathroom etc.

"Why, yes they are, son. Thanks for focusing on my pants more than anybody else all day… Wait. Just, thanks for pointing it out."


How do you go a full day without noticing? I would think that you'd notice if you went to the bathroom etc.

Years of practice and dedication. To not notice which direction your pants are facing, you've got to /really/ want it.

By the way OP phrased it, I'm guessing they may have known, but been too busy to have an opportunity to change them.

Some people just have difficulty with clothes. In 3rd grade I somehow managed to wear my step dad's jeans to school...backwards and never noticed until I got home. I put shirts on inside out and backward frequently, and have people at work point it out lol.

that just means you are to lazy to pay attention to it

Maybe it means you have dyslexia problems and you get scatter brained and put things on wrong. My god I was 8 when this happened how lazy can someone that age be. People do make mistakes sometimes it doesn't always mean they're horrible people.

TheEpicKitten 20

Did the doctor tell you you were pants backwards retarded?

Sick burn, Bruv.

No, I don't think OP's appointment was for autism.

"you you were pants backwards retarded" can someone please translate what he was trying to say?

29, pants backward retarded is a saying, because people with autism can't put clothes on correctly

TheEpicKitten 20

I shortened "tell you that you are" to "you you" if can speak English properly you'll see this is a correct and perfectly fine way of writing

29, having autism has nothing to do with this, you using that as an insult is pathetic and childish.

34 - I'm going to assume you were replying to me and not 29. The term "mental retardation" is a clinical term used for some mental deficiencies, such as Down's Syndrome. It's not an insult when used in that context.

cootiequeen4444 11

35 they don't use the term mental retardation anymore barrimg imsults. its no longer used in professional settings. And many autistic people have average or above average intelligence when it comes to book smarts. mostly lack in the common sense / social skills / communication department. they are like normal people trapped with a miswired brain rather than anything akin to downs syndrome or anything that would make you act like you an age much younger than you actually are. the common trait of flapping arms around and such falls under communication issues with people in the autistic spectrum . hence why the now defunct term mental retardation came to be. the most common term not is either the specific learning disability or disorder that affects the patient or simply intellectually handicapped. and they are not nonintelligent enough that they don't know retard or mental retardation is an insult. it's mostly use by teens and younger as such. maybe adults too whom were children when the phrase was new and "hip". but in any case they know and thus the term is very hurtful. even for autistic children. it's even worse probably because they can't vocalize the hurt well if at all.. p.s. autistic people can use the Internet pretty well. this includes ones whom are low functioning in real life. not all. but many.

I wasn't actually even referring to autism in general. Most disabilities that fall under the autistic spectrum aren't even severe enough to use the term mental retardation, that mostly is just for those with learning disabilities. But I believe most people just associate autism with Down's Syndrome, thus the generalization.

One_In_Three 24

I think it'd be worse if it was your shirt.

hellobobismyname 24

I think wearing a shirt backwards is much more common and understandable than wearing pants backwards. I can only see that happening with sweat pants but it probably wasn't, if it was appropriate enough to wear to work. It boggles the mind I tell ya.

Wizardo 33

Finally Kriss Kross' back to front jeans are catching on.

You would think OP would notice a zipper when putting on their pants...

Depends on the pants. Not all pants have zippers/buttons.

I mean often if you have a hectic day it is possible to hold the urge to use a bathroom as you can be pretty occupied. Everyone makes silly mistakes at some point though unlucky op.

"Why, yes they are, son. Thanks for focusing on my pants more than anybody else all day… Wait. Just, thanks for pointing it out."

And a new trend is born...

Goblin182 26

How do you not notice the extra room in the back, and kind of tight in the front. Are they elastic waist or did you have to zip them up in the back?, physically, is that possible?