By dubblechic - 18/01/2011 18:16 - United States

Today, my boyfriend proposed to me with a voice card. It said "Marry me Amber?" I'm not Amber. That's his ex. FML
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xXDubbleChic tells us more.

xXDubbleChic 11

I dumped him on the spot

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mintcar 9

Seems like a lot of the men on FML confuse their current girlfriends with their ex. WTF is up with that? FYL OP.

Ninjafriends 1

That's not his ex, that's his fiancée.


well, that sucks.


well they're from New Hampshire, maybe they're polygamists? shut up grammar nazis, that's a hard word to spell!

You spelled it right. Good thing you got all worked up about it. :P

@ 55 - NH doesn't have polygamists. You're thinking of Utah

You deserve it for not being named Amber.

maybe he was trying to go green? maybe he proposed to her before -OR- maybe he proposed to both of u and switched up the cards? LOL

mintcar 9

Seems like a lot of the men on FML confuse their current girlfriends with their ex. WTF is up with that? FYL OP.

Alanah101 0

No kidding! I see that a lot too. Just SAD!

it's not confusion, it's recycling

bmd23 0

I know WTF is up with that. goes to show most men are dumbasses.

Pb25797051 0

45, you are an idiot. I'll guess I'll go yo your level. Most girls are emotional wrecks who always have to find something to complain about. Oh and blame men for all their flaws,too.

Oh, here we go with the fucking generalizations again.

Girls over analyze, we dont think and make honest mistakes :P

OMG, I was just about to make that comment. :( You completely stole it from me. But yeah, this is bs how many times boyfriends get girls names mixed up.

On FML, guys call their girlfriends by their ex's name. Doing that by accident or intentional, nobody would know. On FML, ladies complain what their boyfriend does because she doesn't have a sense of humour.

asoptavlo14 6

Oh look a women, better hope that computer's in the kitchen! Fuck you and your "generalizations."

Clearly it's not you he wants to marry

that's what i was thinking.

or he's just too cheap to buy a new card and just used the one from his ex

Maybe, it's just not meant to be?

jazminenicole 0

mayb he was gnaa propose to his ex.

Is he Gary from teen mom? Spoiler Alert for season 3 :P

^ aww shucks you ruined it for me now

IneffableLullaby 13

Maybe his ex isn't actually his ex. Perhaps he's been dating her as well and simply gave it to the wrong girlfriend? Fuck your life indeed, OP.

daiissyyy 0

way to make her feel worse!  

secsisooner 0

hey where are u from?

um. ya. kinda creepy.

IneffableLullaby 13

Just kinda? I'm going to go with very creepy. Hahaha. :p

i hope you said, "hell no playa!"

perdix 29

I thought he only loved Camille?

fthku 13

Didi, I think you mean Ashlynn. ... I also think I spend too much time on FML while studying.

fthku 13

You're welcome. And I can't, I'm addicted. D: Are there any FMLs annonymous?

Ninjafriends 1

That's not his ex, that's his fiancée.

Yeah, OP got things a little mixed up.

jewjewB 0

definitely time to find a boyfriend or fiancé I should say.

fthku 13

Is there a specific place where you can purchase a boyfriend or fiancé? Hmm. "I'll have the in-between-jobs, cheating asshole boyfriend" Now if you wanted a Russian bride, that could be arranged!