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By Anonymous - 15/03/2010 02:17 - United States

Today, my boyfriend offered to give me a piggyback ride from the house to the car as means of avoiding walking in mud. Both aware of how tall he is, he crouched extra low and I jumped extra hard. This makes for a terrible example of leapfrog, and a faceplant in the mud. FML
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if he crouched very low then why couldn't you just climb onto his back?

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I found the event described in the post to be humorous as well.

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that's love when someone offers a piggyback ride to avoid the mud. :)

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I think it was more the combination of both. he thought it would be easier to crouch. she thought it would be easier to jump harder. neither were a necessity to do it, just ways to make it easier. both combined resulted in a faceplant

"My dad always told me never to play leapfrog with a unicorn."

^This. What a funny FML, brightened my day.

121............... no comment... as for the fml.....ROFLMFAO YDI FOR NOT SIMPLY CLIMBIN ON HIM 

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aww i find it sweet he offered. thats love. but sorry you guys fell

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ha communication failure at it's finest

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no offense but this is a bad fml cuz at least u have a nice boyfriend i mean he offered to carry u over the id he lmaoed it wud hv been different

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I find that so cute:) Did he roll you around? :D

o god for his sake i hope you sammich making hand is ok

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#191: Serj Tankian ftw! OP: I would have paid to see that

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shouldve sparyed him back dumbass and if his mom said WTF spary her ass too for ******* letting her son pump the gas and tge answering her phone so I'm this case **** the both of u

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lol that's just really sad on both ur accounts

if he crouched very low then why couldn't you just climb onto his back?

yes, but I don't think a four year old would have a boyfriend snicks, I'm assuming that it's no different now as well?


wow you were a short ass kid my baby is two and he is already three feet tall.


and when you're little it's not as heavy as when you're older duh when you jump on a person (towards the head) with little balance it's hard not to fall face first


I still jump maybe it's a leapfrog habite maybe you never played it

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agreed with 48 that commet was dumb and ur stupid 4 saying that.

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30- I think the point is that, as it turns out, she didn't need to jump that hard because she ended up jumping right over him.

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OR maybe! she jumped on his back and he lost stability and they both fell forward!

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she isn't stupid for saying it, some people are so rude.

That's what you get for jumping. You climb onto the person's back not jump on it.

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Maybe OP is not as much of a skilled jumper as you!

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Op you shouldn't complain,you got a free mud mask that people usually pay 50 to 75 bucks for at a spa!

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Maybe OP is not as much of a talented jumper as you!

yeah but think of the weight difference smartass

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I don't know but I feel so cool for posting on fml for the first time.

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your sarcasm hurts mai fillins yo :(

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Your sarcasm hurts mah fillins yo :(

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sugarbabyxoxo 2
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are you going to bash on my spelling? :(

CRUZs_GURL1 0''''s really easy to go face first when you have an adult (where most of the weight is at the head note:face first) not a three feet four year old(where all the weight is on the back)!!!!

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I assume the poster means that as a four year old, you probably weighed somewhere from 20 to 45 pounds. It's a lot easier to push 20 pounds into the air than 120. Remember how when you were a child you would climb/jump off everything and how easy it was to scamper right up something? You probably can't pull a lot of that off now, because while you may have gotten stronger overall you know have a lot more bodyweight to pull around. Also, being lighter means that even if you don't exactly grab on the first time, it's easier to pull yourself up, easier for your dad to readjust you and pull you up, and simply easier to carry you around overall.



but I'll stop cause it's annoying me to do it, it changes the international langueges on my phone

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shut the **** up Snickerdoodles. You're obviously childish enough to have a name like that.


ummm... maybe if you changed the first d to a p it wouldn't be so childish

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#68: Do you even know what a snickerdoodle is?

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just change it and maybe you'd be taken more seriously, not be thought of as bratty and a smartass

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lmao, dude chill the **** out!


lol I know it's a cookie just wanted to see how many comments it takes to get you mad lol sorry


ohh shut the **** up grow alittle more then talk about maturity you think you so grown up just shut up you're a little bitch who thinks she knows everything just because you can only use a story of when you were four to compare to the ops


ahhh just shut up and fight your fat story go go away

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Hahahaha Snickerdoodles, your comments make all the more better. BUT, I'd rather have some type using ellipses than tYpE liK dHiS.! or liek dis. That's even worse. way worse. It's bad grammar and spelling combined. I agree with you on the fml part though.  

can I play with your funbags? I'm bored and you look like you need a childish release.

I like your name. I always think of cookies when I see you.

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snickerdoodles are amazing cookies

She can do what she wants. You don't control this website and you're clearly not an English teacher so **** off.

Oi Snick, how about you STFU? Just because you have frog-like jumping skills does not mean the rest of the world has it too >:( I'm 5'4 and I can't get onto my friend's back without him crouching (he's 6'4) and I still have to jump up to get on. Also, the OP's story is not really fake, many people can overshoot it, who knows, maybe she also have frog-like skills like Snick does. Like I say, the world ain't perfect, why try to make it that way. Btw OP this story is really funny, I hope you did not get hurt because of the fall :) It's happened to me as well and we all laughed it off.

cruz girl in my head the elipses make you sound like a robot

snick, I think hoolie06 is on point She may have jumped extra hard but it turns out she didn't need to. She may not have realized that (inexperienced piggy back rider)


ohh shit the **** up go get laid so atlaest I'm with the guy who I lost my virginity to and had a baby with and you stupid dumbass CRUZ is the name of my husband wow you're so smart and I don't think that an unmarried guy should be talking of you can't even get a girl so just shut the **** up


#140 lol I was going for that

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Lmao awww.. I laughed but that's balls OP. At least it was a nice offer? lmao. oh nooo this wasn't meant to be a reply to anything. whoops.