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Today, after recovering from surgery, I was leaving the clinic when a bucket of red paint was thrown at me, and a woman shouted that I was a murderer. I replied, "Sorry, would you like me to ask the doctor for my ovarian cyst back so I can pretend it was a fetus?" She hit me with her handbag. FML
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I’d have her arrested, assault, battery, defamation of character, the whole shebang. “See you in court, bitch”.

Nhayaa 21

Those people are such a pain in the... I can't understand what go through their mind (except the void replacing their brain).


Nhayaa 21

Those people are such a pain in the... I can't understand what go through their mind (except the void replacing their brain).

The same thinking that makes someone go "a handful of cells is worth way more than the life of this adult woman" moves pretty easily to "I have the moral right to harass this adult woman for taking care of her health no matter what." And once someone has decided that they have the moral right, indeed a duty, to abuse women for taking care of their get morons hitting women for getting ovarian cysts removed.

Im.a chick using a sock account. life. Not once have i ever attacked anyone in a clinic. Again, us rational ones have better things to do in our life. Not protest. Not attack. Only vote. In fact i have taken my friend to have it done. I'm mainly a dem with some repub support. No judgement. In extreme cases i support it. But as a birth control or to be on power trip of murder? No. Close your legs because even if abortion is outlawed, hoe idiots will have back alley ones out of stubborn idiocy and feministic cancer and then they die and that is their fault for choosing that instead of acceptance. You are no longer a strong independent woman when you are growing life that your man helped to create. A life that is not yours. Get over yourself. I could never be so selfish to control a baby and hubby's life like that. Yes a clump of cells is alive because idk if you took biology but even a single celled organism is alive. It eats and ***** and uses energy and moves. That's what it means to be alive. It has a body system to keep it alive. Not organs etc but something.

No one uses abortion as their main birth control (it's far more expensive and intrusive, why would anyone ever do that?) and absolutely no one has one for a murder power trip. They have them because they can't handle children, for whatever reason. As for it being another life, even if that's true it doesn't have a right to infringe upon the woman for life support just like I don't have any right to your kidney.

So basically op should risk ovarian cancer how about if the baby dies should op still not get it removed because last I checked that can be bad for mama how about if the baby is gonna die anyway should mama die too what if the baby was conceived via rape it's easy to say the baby deserves to live when these factors aren't brought in but life ain't black and white

I’d have her arrested, assault, battery, defamation of character, the whole shebang. “See you in court, bitch”.

Oh pipe down, rabid gamer wouldn't go crap except go rant on the net. what happened was completely wrong, but it's not that deep to sue over. You sound just as triggered as the pro life extremist. We're not all nutjobs. Neither are all female sjw gamers, which you give a bad name to as well. I've been lurking awhile and your comments are always so triggered. Get a reality check. What's also ridiculous, though, is that adult children will try to sue over anything, especially I'm America. If someone throws a god damn coin at you, clearly causing no damage and more annoyance than pain: asSauLt and Battery.Sue. Call police. The person said meany weenie words. Those two charges should be reserved only for actual damage, mental/ emotional, but especially physical. Pain without damage you can heal from easier. Suing also requires a decent chunk of money. If OP is relying on health clinics to aid in reproductive health, which is usually on a sliding scale fee, there's at least a chance she can't afford to sue, or doesn't care that much. She can wash the paint off and laugh at the idiocy of that woman. Go out for ice cream or a meal. Treat herself to take her mind off it.

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There is not need for such a rant in response to the first comment. Also, it does not cost money to press assault charges for someone unjustly attacking you.

Umm... She had paint covering her, which I'm sure ruined her clothing as well. That's assault and battery, and property damage; even if it seems mild to some. I'm guessing you also missed our ignored the part where the crazy broad HIT HER WITH A HANDBAG. That's ALSO assault and battery. And if that broad loads her bag as much as I load mine, that could actually really hurt someone. Back off. If the OP pressed charges, it's totally legit and not an overreaction. Chick didn't have a right to put hands on her, period, and deserves anything coming to her.

And, what if some of that paint had been ingested by accident. That could be toxic, another reason to sue.

Anything involving court costs a lawyer and money

Paint. Use detergeant. Buy new ones. Pretty much every issue can be fixed with a logical solution. But no one has logic, only emotions for justice. I personally would have much better things to do than bother with that.

Then the goddamned bitch should’ve thought of that before she damaged OPs clothing, insulted her, then physically attacked her! I’d press charges. You might think it’s not worth it, well good for you, but I’m not letting some pro-life asshole have her way with me, not like that.

And, if I seem “triggered”, maybe it’s because I don’t believe in pouring salt in the wound. Yes, I know it’s a website with funny or sad stories about someones crappy day, but I’m allowed to feel sorry for some of these people, capisce!

Your anger issue ass would deserve it. Anger is so annoying and triggering to me. Makes me angry and confrontational. Come on, fight then. Go write some more fan fic of midna and link you sad lonely female.

I’m not a woman, you blind dumbass!

@Gloria ok you may have a point. If her purse was filled to the brim then maybe damage. Since she was psycho enough to attack OP she probably planned to have it heavy with coins etc. Or a brick.

Invite her to the state-mandated funeral you have to give your ovarian cyst, so she can pay her respects to the late cyst.

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I have had numerous issues with my reproductive organs, my gynaecologist works out of a women’s health clinic. They also offer things like mental health support, contraceptives etc. I have been assaulted out side of my clinic after have a surgically implanted contraceptive, been called a murderer etc. Some people are just so narrow minded that all they can see is their own justification, and that other people’s choices threaten what they perceive as the right way to live their own lives. I would sue for the assault, and damages etc. No one has any right to force their own opinion on you for any reason.

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That’s really horrible but awesome comeback!

At least she wrecked her handbag with the paint by hitting you?

People like that make me wish I was Supreme Dictator of America. I'd have someone like that hung with her own entrails. This is a rational world where a 2000 year old collection of papers is ancient trash, not a religion.

Those old papers are more rational than you concerning the relationships between people. And yes the people like the woman throwing paint haven’t read those papers properly.

You and Bednar need to get together, and get the **** off my planet.

That is definitely assault for hitting with the handbag, possibly a weapons charge depending on the weight and contents. The property damage is there with the paint that started the whole thing, but some judges will roll up civil penalties in the sentence as long as the cost of the damages isn't too high. Long story short, not everyone going to the local women's health clinic is going there for abortion. If you disagree with abortion used as a retroactive contraceptive, start filing to adopt some of the children currently in the system so that you can give them a good home, otherwise STFU please and carry on with your day.

People are funny. They don’t realize that places that give abortions also do a lot of other important work that aren’t necessarily abortion related. Close minded idiots lol

So you filed assault charges on her after defending yourself, right?