By Shiverice - 13/10/2012 11:22 - United States - Battle Creek

Today, I was babysitting four kids. I turned the TV on for them, and set the youngest on my lap. She started giggling and pointing at every single pimple I have, exclaiming "Boo-boo!" This went on for half an hour. FML
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The funniest part is that this youngest kid is 16. Oh, those crazy teens.


He is just a kid, so you can't really blame him. They have limited knowledge, and get their minds fixated on one thing. However, this FML seems to be based more on the fact that you have enough pimples for your kid to talk about for an hour. Lots of people have them, and they are a natural thing, but if they bug you a lot, you can buy some prescription pills and creams.

#21: The post doesn't specify whether OP is male or female, or for that matter whether they have makeup allergies. But using concealing makeup over acne can actually make acne worse, as it blocks the pores.

44- look at 21's username and profile, you'll understand. :)

I think you might need a spell... Say "pro-act-ive".

28) May I point out that the child in this FML is, in fact, a girl?

Oh good, another character profile. Sigh.

Yeah you can, kids aren't untouchable statues of innocence ffs

^ Agreed. Arrange the firing squad. But on a happy note - Acne and oily skin isn't necessarily a bad thing. People with dry skin experience itchiness and discomfort and are more prone to wrinkles as they age. if your skin is oily, it will look more healthy and feel more healthy as you grow older. Nourish your sits girl

I don't think it's particularly her fault but that doesn't mean I wouldn't tell her not to and explain why it's not nice.

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You can drop your drawers and keep them entertained all night with your pimply ass, Honey Boo-Boo.

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*vomit* dammit... Not again... *shudders* I'm calling this week, nasty fml vomit orgy week, brought to you by noor... *vomits again*

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The vomit one was hilarious! On another note... What the hell, perdix. xD

WTF? was that supposed to be funny perdix?

Yeah Perdix! F*ck you for having a sense of humour!!!

She's saying your face looks like shit. Consult a dermatologist.

Ok then. I was joking, but I'm off to a bad start today.

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Today doesn't seem to be your day, Chipmunk.

That's 2 failed attempts on the day. I'd just shut up. No offense we all have our bad days

As sad as this is, I reccomend going to a dermatoligist. Little kids say stupid things. Don't take it personally.

She should just accept the way she is. I bet this person would be very beautiful

Not everyone are born with pimples on their face, so technically it is not the way she is. But yea go to a doctor/find some pimple healing lotion/whatever if it bothers you that much. But don't scratch and pop it, it leaves marks. If it doesn't bother you as much, then let it naturally go away.

People are born, and they change. Her pimples may go away, but then again, they could be here to stay

^ Did you intentionally try to make that rhyme ?

well, I've heard about little kids using people as barf rags/bathrooms before, so could've been worse right?

Why not distract the kid with a game or some sort of activity that isn't passively staring at a television screen? If you give them something to do, they won't resort to pimple-pointing out of boredom. And don't blame the kid for this. If she's a toddler or younger, she can't help it. If your skin angers or embarrasses you, get it fixed. OTC or a dermatologist if those don't work.

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That kid must have a really long attention span to sit there for an hour and a half.

Half an hour, #22, but it's still a good breadth of time. Kids will pay attention when they're interested. OP's face must've been fascinating to that girl. The amount of time my toddler can spend doing tasks I consider mundane is amazing.

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I know two kinds of people who are brutally honest.. Drunks and kids. Don't take it too hard, OP, but if your face is broken out that badly, it may be time to see a dermatologist or order Proactive. The Proactive worked wonders for me, I highly recommend it!

That's because your skin type is prone to the ingredients and chemicals in Proactiv. It doesn't mean that this person's face would be either.

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30- I understand that what works for one might not work for another. But it's a place to start, and they offer a 30 day money back guarantee if it doesn't work for you. I just meant it as a place to start.. Not to work miracles.

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I think it's safe to assume that if someone has enough acne to last half an hour of "booboo" time, then he/she has probably already tried ProActiv.