By thisblows - 11/04/2009 20:42 - United States

Today, I was at a professional hockey game. I wasn't paying attention and a puck was shot into the stands and hit me in the face. My mouth was bleeding and I lost two teeth. As I was trying to cough up my teeth the old man next to me shoved me over and stole the puck. Everyone cheered. FML
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that sucks you should have punched him

Stupid old man. Should have nailed him in the mouth and taken the puck. See how many cheers you would have gotten...


I'd hate to call it fake and I don't watch hockey but for some reason I feel like it would make sports news

dude, there are shatterproof plexiglass barriers all the way around the rink, this is soooo fake

and since those shatterproof plexiglass barriers are only about 10' high the puck just magically is deflected off of thin air? this is totally plausable.

@128 I work at an NHL hockey rink, and watch hockey games all the times while I work. It's not fake, people get hit quite often in games. Recently, during a preseason game, I saw a man in the section next to mine take a puck in his face just below his nose.. There's a reason why arena's and such have EMT's roaming around. Oh, and those "Plexiglas" barriers can get destroyed, especially when hit real hard by 250+ Lbs men flying at high speeds that are being checked into them. We have A LOT of back up barriers in our storage areas. Just search "hockey breaking glass" or "hockey check through glass" and you'll see what I mean. It's similar to saying you can't break the glass of a basketball's backboard. Please, don't make assumptions about things you're not sure about. P.S. They also have a netting to try to have some kind of protection behind goal tender nets that spread through the whole end of the rink, but even those can be skimmed and people are hit en sections seated behind the nets.

for one the window only cover the first row and it is for player safety not fan

that doesn't mean pucks don't get into the stands...i used to work for a hockey team..people sue for that kind of doesn't happen often but it's possible...

actually it is totally plausible while at a hockey game i had a puck hit the bin right next to me

Yeah, did you hear about the 13 year old girl who went to a hockey game, got nailed in the head, died 48 hours later? Definitely possible.

time for a new sport op

op, this is huge bull. if that had actually happened, there would have been a lot of commotion about it. you're an idiot.

that sucks you should have punched him

2nd. wow. that sucks

Should have been like "OH HELL NO! KAPOW!" right in the face!

Stupid old man. Should have nailed him in the mouth and taken the puck. See how many cheers you would have gotten...