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Today, I went out to dinner with my boyfriend and his mom. The hostess asked if I needed "the kid's menu," remarked how I look "so grown up for your age," and asked what grade I was in. I said I'm in university. She laughed as if it was the best joke ever told. I'm 22. FML
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ByronJess 17

Just think, when you're ninety you won't look a day past thirty! :)

That's sort of a good thing to look young;)


That's sort of a good thing to look young;)

LO388 7

Just be glad you're not a guy that looks really young, speaking from experience.

This is a good thing. When I was 25 I was carded for lotto tickets. Now that I'm 44, I was mistaken for 28. Enjoy.

My mom looks like she's about 22. She had me at 30. I always get awkward stares when I say she's my mother.

vgc_fml 2

As a young looking woman, I have to disagree. I already don't get any respect from people I meet due to me being a short woman. Add looking like I'm 12 on top of that? Forget it. Even if I dress well, I get mistaken for a teenager or at the very least, a college student. I got asked if I wanted the kid's menu just last weekend. I turn 25 next week.

Come on.. All these people complaining of such incidents "mistaken for younger", deep down they enjoy it.

I am mistaken for being older. I brought my girlfriend out for a date at olive garden and got asked if I would like any champagne and I had to tell the waitress that both of us were 18 and she looked at me like she couldn't believe it. Granted it is only a little more than 2 years till I am old enough, but I hope I don't always look older than I am later in life.

makeupjunkie 5

Although you can get a cheap buffet!

Looking young is as close we can get to staying young no matter what we do or try, and having to seem younger is much better than having to seem like the other sex

I disagree. It gets annoying over time but I guess it's because I look so petite. But now when people ask me how old I am, I just explain to them that it's normal for an immortal to look younger than what they really are.

MiloBear 11

I think it's better to look younger than to look older. My sister has been asked if I'm her mother, and she's two years older than me! On the plus side, I ordered my first alcoholic drink from a restaurant when I was about fourteen but after the teenage years it's not fun to look old.

Like some here wrote, it's a good thing to look young when you're old, not so nice when you are young looking younger.

When I was at school still, people would think I was 11 because I'm 4"11 and my school uniform was designed to make everyone shapeless, so instead of it showing I had boobs, it made me look fat. This was a couple of months ago when I was taking my exams -.-

People are just too stupid now days.

I'm 4'9" and people think I'm in 5th grade all the time ;-; tall people may say that being short is cute, but it's really frustrating.

ByronJess 17

Just think, when you're ninety you won't look a day past thirty! :)

I believe I have discovered how this system works, allow me to explain. When you are 12-15 you look 18-20 as soon as you hit 16 (or close to it) you look freaking 12 again -.- you're welcome.

That is not how it works at all. As for OP, Take it as a compliment! You may be able to get in free at Hungry Parrot :D

I've always been told I look younger then I am… most people assume I'm 11-13, when I'm actually 15. Its a little annoying but you get used to it. Doesn't meant it doesn't offend you a bit though!

Welcome to cheaper food ad cheaper shoes as there smaller and less expensive

momolee 4

True. Looking like you're 12 when you're 22 is better than looking 22 when you're 12.

Exactly. Everything is cheaper when you look 12. Ask my cousin! Haha.

You'll appreciate looking young when you're 40 :)...anyway, that waitress is dumb. "Look so mature for your age", she says, when she has no idea what age you are....can't you just look normal or young for age 22?

mylifesucks_fml 1

Haha, and doesnt the waitress know that saying something like that wont get her a good tip?

TheQueenLala 6

Hostess is different than a waitress

OP, that was a bitch move of the waitress's. I mean, I'm pretty short for my age too. Dont worry about it too much.

That's a good thing, that means you look young for your age.

A7X_LoVeee 10

No one wants to look that young at that age. Maybe in several decades.

I know a girl from my old job who looks like a middke schooler and she was really 30, but hey, enjoy the gift of youth a little longer :) though i would do something about that rude waitress

Well when you're older this can be beneficial. Not to mention discounts you can get.

She obviously thought your boyfriend was hot.... But she's stupid. Op forget her you probably won't see her again!! :)

amandajlucas2015 2

Ya she was just tryin to get in ur boyfriends pants by making u seem ugly lol just ignore her.. Or stand up and pour ur drink on her that is my preferred option

83 - Dictionaries are not for hitting yourself upside the head. Just thought you'd want to know.

eric40962005 8

Omg 83 u didn't use proper grammar on interwebs u must now be on time out :p

If height is the problem you could try walking around on stilts from now on.

Psych101 9

What a ridiculous person you are. Shin extensions are the way to go.

Oh, yes... my bad. Shin extensions it is then?