By logic - 18/01/2016 15:16 - United Kingdom

Today, I was asked by my live-in landlord not to put too much water in the kettle because it made the utility bills too high. This is the same woman who takes daily baths. FML
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next time she asks you to stop, say you're boiling water to take baths the old fashioned way

The world is full of hypocrites and its our job to deal with them lol


If this keeps happening, either tell her off or move out. Sorry, OP

You never know what's going to happen in Mario Party 8

Nothing can go wrong with this plan.

cosmic_peanut 17

cheapskates are the worse.

I dunno about that, I would rather have cheap skates than no skates at all when I'm trying to skate.

If she takes a daily bath, she is not a cheapskate. she is just miserable.

True especially if they are sharpened

The world is full of hypocrites and its our job to deal with them lol

Nah, Our job is to find creative ways to humiliate them and destroy their "all knowing" ego's.

16, I would normally agree with you, however if they're living with them then it wouldn't be a great idea to humiliate them...

Yes 16, go ahead, go humiliate your landlord. I hope you have a new place lined up.

I was referring to hypocrites in general, not the landlord.

The landlord is still a hypocrite "in general".

MamaChey 24

Naw, it's a fine plan! Obviously, the nimrod of a landlord has no common sense. He/she would never catch on that OP is humiliating them, making it even more fun and hilarious!!! GO FOR IT!

See, 53 gets it... The rest of you are just boring pushovers.

she's saving more water by taking a bath than by showering

next time she asks you to stop, say you're boiling water to take baths the old fashioned way

I'm pretty sure that's a lot more expensive than just running a bath

Does she not realise she uses more water to take a bath than you filling up a kettle?

Yup, nothing is more relaxing than making a cup of tea... with a 55 gallon drum for a tea cup. Ooh! You could drink it and she could bathe in it. It's a win win for everyone!

MamaChey 24

Captain Obvious has spoken!

Well, bathing daily is just part of having good hygeine, and good hygeine is generally demanded by modern society. So while taking a bath or a shower is more of a necessity in daily life for most people, drinking tea or a hot beverage from a kettle is really just a luxury. So the comparison between a necessity and a luxury isn't a good one to make. I can only conjecture, and I can't assume that taking a bath uses more water than a shower in the case of the FML. Some people like to wash off and relax for long periods of time in the shower, and the water used can easily surpass the amount used in a bath (especially when the bath is only filled with a few inches of water). There are plenty of factors involved though, such as the flow rate of the shower nozzle and the volume of the bathtub. I'm not sure if OP could've accurately concluded how much water was being used in each of these daily baths, and I certainly can't. So I have no grounds to think the landlady is hypocritical, just very anal about water conservation in her house. Aside from my ramblings, I do feel sorry for OP... having to limit the water in your kettle does seem a little ridiculous.

MamaChey 24

To #62 - WTF? That was a verbosity just to say that you can't make a judgement call either way...

#62 Baths are a luxury. Showers are a necessity. I'm always surprised at how long it takes for a tap at full blast to fill a bathtub even just halfway.

74- how long does your bathtub take to fill because mine takes about a minute if that.

Poppleton99 9

Yeah, seriously though. It would make sense to fill up a bath when you are planning on being in it for longer than 20 minutes but most showers only take 5-10 minutes which uses less water.

I was told it's actually better to shower around every other day rather than everyday.

#92 Wouldn't it depend on the size of the tub in question? I have a ridiculously short tub that maybe only comes up to my kneecaps in height. It takes a few short minutes for it to fill up.

@67 I suppose I can see how you got that out of my comment. I was basically saying I sympathize with OP, but there are many variables to the situation. And since I saw several comments making certain assumptions, I thought it would be appropriate and constructive to point out that we can't make a lot of assumptions, and why. I'm sorry you didn't pick up on that, I was rather tired when I commented... it ended up a bit wordy and lacked direction.

@74 The concept of luxury vs necessity was one of the first things I addressed. Apparently baths have special connotations for you, because I wouldn't view them as any more of a luxury than a shower. They are both common forms of cleansing your body, which is a necessity. In this context, I believe the "luxury" would be whichever option uses more water. And what I was getting at in my verbose comment earlier is that there are too many variables to assume whether a bath uses the most water or not. I could have been even more explicit with my first comment, but I didn't want to make it absurdly long... it looks like my pathetic attempt at brevity just left a lot of people misunderstanding me.

You really need to discuss this with her in a professional manner. I'm sorry op I hope it gets better.

Why are people down voting you?! That's good advice

As if putting a bit less in the kettle will make a humungous difference. FYL

dman798 18

She must 'soak' in too much useless thoughts

tell her that daily baths are the issue with the water bill. and that you're going to keep filling your kettle

Say ok and don't fill it so much, but start taking daily baths too.