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Today, I was having a panic attack so I went to my mum for support. She blocked her ears because my heavy breathing was annoying her. FML
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Hey OP here It's interesting reading all the comments that you guys are writing. It's interesting how a lot of you are saying that my mum has misophonia, which i agree with since she always gets annoyed when she hears me chewing, sneezing or just making loud, repetitive noises, but it still hurt me that she did that. She does have her own problems with anxiety herself, but at the time she was just watching tv so i went and sat next to her. We are pretty close but there is a bit of a communication gap here and there. I get a lot of anxiety due to the fact that i am a transgender boy and i'm going through a lot. Therapy and medication don't seem to help my anxiety though. Thx for the support.

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FYL OP, but shouldn't your mother know what your panic attacks are like? I see some serious communication problems here that should be fixed.

I'm sorry OP, as someone who deals with anxiety, SAD, and panic attacks on a regular basis I know how it feels to not have someone there for you. It truly sucks


FYL OP, but shouldn't your mother know what your panic attacks are like? I see some serious communication problems here that should be fixed.

I'm sorry OP, as someone who deals with anxiety, SAD, and panic attacks on a regular basis I know how it feels to not have someone there for you. It truly sucks

Yeah, same here. I've begun having 2-3 a day in the past year, and most of the time my family doesn't understand or they don't care to understand how to help. The only one that tries to help me is my mother and she has her own list of problems that keep her from helping me. If only there was a cure for panic attacks.

29 I used to take Ativan for panic attacks. It worked really well and allowed me to address the underlying reason for them. Years later when I started getting them again, I started taking Paxil daily as a preventative for them. It's been amazing! No more panic attacks.

#29, As someone who has several family members who suffer from chronic anxiety and are prone to panic attacks, I have to tell you that if you are experiencing several panic attacks on a daily basis, then your condition is either getting wildly out of hand, or you don't understand what a panic attack actually is. Either way, you desperately need professional help. Your family is not equipped to help you, which may be why they seem unwilling to you. There's a good chance that they are simply overwhelmed and at a loss for what to do, or that your symptoms are so extreme that they doubt that they are genuine. In any case, you really should see a doctor as soon as possible and you probably need medication. Even for someone with a chronic biological condition, 2 to 3 panic attacks A DAY is an extremely severe symptom (in my experience, a monthly or weekly basis is more typical for someone whose condition is being managed very poorly) and it must be miserable and absolutely crippling your life. Do whatever you have to do to get your condition professionally treated, whether you have to talk to your mom, school counselor, or even your employer. Good luck, and I sincerely hope things improve for you.

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Here's another plot twist: no she wasn't.

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It might be because I'm suffering from it myself, but my first thought was that OP's mum might have misophonia. Either way, FYL OP, I hope you'll soon find somebody who'll be there for you in case you get another panic attack. Also, I highly recommend you to get professional help if you don't do so already. Stay strong!

Okay wow! Sorry to hear that OP! That's really disrespectful! What kind of mom does that? I hope you're fine now, OP!

Not trying to justify what she did, but what if she was already in a bad mood? Go to the doctor when you have a chance, maybe they'll give you something to keep you calm like aprazolam or something.

Maybe she didn't know you were having a panic attack? I'm sorry OP, panic attacks suck!

your mom should be more sensitive to your problems op...fyl

Misophonia is a real neuropsychiatric disorder that causes people to be sensitive to certain sounds. She probably didn't intentionally do it because she didn't care.

I can't stand the sound of people eating. It can be really stressful, still I don't plug my ears as a child. She is still in the wrong.

And if the mother really did have misophonia, wouldn't the OP know?

Not necessarily, a lot of people don't understand the disorder so it is usually left untold.

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A lot of sufferers and most doctors don't even know the term. I really hope OP sees these comments and tells their mom about misophonia, she probably does suffer from it and it'd be great if she could find out about it.

When my misophonia started about seven years ago (I didn't even know the term until about a year ago neither did my psychologists), I felt so ashamed it took me over three years to tell my family. Yet, some of them still don't really get it and eat while I'm around etc. Others feel really guilty for having eaten in front of me even though I've told them it's not their fault as they didn't even know. This is why I haven't told most of my friends yet and I doubt I will. The longer you keep it to yourself, the harder it gets to open up. I've developed some coping strategies like wearing Ohropax when being invited to a restaurant or faking a headache and going home when somebody gets a bag of chips/crisps during a movie night. Tl;dr: It's possible somebody close to oneself suffers from misophonia without one realising.

I'm sorry to hear that, hope you talk to your mother about your panic attacks and that she understands!

I agree she should talk with her Mom, family and possibly close friends as well . . . depending upon the frequency and severity of the attacks, and the availability of medical coverage perhaps seeking professional help might be appropriate. You won't always have your mother or family in close proximity to provide whatever help you need during a panic attack. I'm paralyzed in wheelchair and I've had to deal with home health aid's abusing me emotionally and physically, last week on my birthday a home health aid stole my wallet with my last $102 and Amazon gift cards I had bought for my nieces and nephews with birthdays soon. Then she abandoned me and my cat without any food to eat. I've had to hold it together so I could get food for my 6 month old kitty. Yeah I cried a fair bit but animals feed off human emotion so I've had to keep calm so that she can feel safe. I'm sure. Your situation sucks but rich or poor we all have to suck up crap when we least expect it. But sometimes you have too look for reasons to enjoy life. I may not be able to depend upon my family ( I live alone in my own apt) and I can't always depend upon the people who I am supposed to. I can only depend on me for how I react. Anyway good luck. I don't know how old you are but I'm sure you can learn to manage these things. Good luck. I've got a cute black and white ball of fur cuddled by my shoulder so we are going to enjoy each other's company. Best of luck. When it's not raining enjoy the sunshine. When you have friends or loved ones close enjoy your time together. A lot of times it really is a choice we make.

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Mama needs some wine and chill time honey come back later