By meg__1798 - United States - San Francisco
Today, my mom told me that when I choked on a tortilla chip yesterday, she was seriously planning on cutting my neck open and sticking a straw in it if I didn't stop, because she saw someone do it on 'E.R.'. Now I'm scared to have an emergency around her. FML
meg__1798 tells us more :
Hey guys its me OP, To clarify, my mom told me that she was planning to do this only if the Heimlich maneuver did not work. I was choking on the chip pretty badly and could not breathe so she was thinking about the worst possible scenario. Luckily, I got it out and I am fine and no throats were cut. (This time). When she told me about her (bad) plan to perform a tracheotomy I told her about the scene with Sandra Bullock in The Heat and the dangers of doing one without training (and that TV does not count as training). I also may have mentioned that I would rather choke out and die than have my throat cut open with a steak knife on the kitchen floor.... Thanks for all of your comments! -OP
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  chevygirl23  |  17

I used to have a friend who pretty much thought he was a doctor because he watched Grey's Anatomy and "it's basically the same thing right?". I couldn't convince him otherwise. He even tried to tell a nurse she was doing her job wrong one time when he was admitted to the hospital.

  meg__1798  |  9

Thanks for the suggestion! Luckily she has some basic knowledge of first aid. When I was choking she ran over to me and was asking if she should do the Heimlich but I didn't respond so she started thinking of "alternatives" if I were to pass out. -OP

  MariaGiovanni  |  25

Sounds like my mom. When my son was learning to eat my mom would scream whenever he gagged. Once in a restaurant she jumped up with her wine glass and screamed "the baby's choking!" while I just stuck my finger in and took his mushy banana out lol

  sarah5745  |  41

Well this may be out of place, but my older brother actually saved my mother's life a few years ago after she was having a stroke. He learnt about what he should do in that situation from watching house.. She was later hospitalised for around 4 months, and she would've died if it weren't for that.