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Today, I volunteered at a soup kitchen. During the rounds, a grisly but nice young fellow told me that I had beautiful eyes. I was quite touched; that is until he leaned in and added, "Can I have them for my collection?" FML
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TheFamilyElf 17

Yikes. "Well, no, but you can have an extra helping of mashed potatoes instead.."

At least he doesn't want to eat them, along with the rest of your face...


Hiimhaileypotter 52
Hiimhaileypotter 52

I tried to respond to another comment but it ended up here so I edited it to say this... Sorry for the annoying post :/

You're right it's not creepy. It's ******* beyond creepy... Yikes

Is that an upward duckface? I think so.

I think so too. And in spite of recognizing 2's sarcasm, I thumbed her down for that

Octain 13

I don't think it's creepy. I tell people the Same thing. Except, I tell them I'm going to to use their eyes for my own..

Jeepers creepers. Where did you get those eyes?!

I thought it was "Where'd you get those peepers?" O_o

TheFamilyElf 17

Yikes. "Well, no, but you can have an extra helping of mashed potatoes instead.."

Well if your eyes go missing, we ll know who has them

william8691 10

Looks like someone has their "eyes" on you.

Dr0reos 8

Maybe hes an aspiring photographer and he wanted to take a picture of your beautiful eyes for a collection hes making.

At least he doesn't want to eat them, along with the rest of your face...

Sinamoi 18

Spreads like a wildfire across the media...

I'm not one of the people with cable, just a good phone, but I keep hearing about a face being eaten in Florida, and a connection with bath salts (presumably the kind you buy in head shops with that fake-pot crap incense). DOES ANYONE CARE TO ENLIGHTEN THIS HERMIT AS TO WHAT THE **** IS HAPPENING IN THE WORLD WHILE I WASTE ALL MY TIME ON FML AND RAGE COMICS?

A hobo was on bath salts and he and this other hobo like took off their clothes because they were high and then on hobo ate the other hobos face. And the police had to shoot the guy like 5 times before he died meaning the zombie apocalypse is real! So yah.

meggie10 0

Yeahh....that's when you become less touched and more creeped out.

TheFamilyElf 17

Yikes. "Well, no, but you can have an extra helping of mashed potatoes instead.."

TheFamilyElf 17

That awkward moment when I posted the same comment twice but don't know how to delete it thanks to a flub with the app... So I comment to make an even awkward-er apology. Uh, sorry.

Duck-facing chick pics are immature, but what he said was pretty extreme though... Sorry OP...

Jessj958 19

I think you have the wrong post dude

no, correct post, he is implying that duck faces deserve to get their eyes ripped out.

Jessj958 19

No read the post before this one

It was obviously sarcasm. And I do agree that duck facing requires a payment of getting your eyes ripped out

Jessj958 19

I understand sarcasm but there is a post right before this one talking about his gf taking duck face it seems like he commented on the wrong post. That's all I was saying considering this one had nothing to do with duck face and the one prior to this did.

perdix 29

So, what was your answer? Organ donation is becoming very popular these days! Did you tell him you'll have to be dead before she can have them? Is he willing to help with that?

leprechaun23 15

DAMNIT PERDIX! I wanted to say something about organ donors :(

OP responded that she only has eyes for him.

Take it as a compliment and say "I would like yours to be part of my collection too..." 8D...

Thank you. Finally someone with a sense of humor. He was probably joking around. Laugh and say something witty back.

Jessj958 19

What a weirdo! That would freak me out big time. What is wrong with some people these days?

22cute 17

It's a movie reference. Not so weird. Check "The Crow" 1994 ...I'm surprised no one else gets that. It's a cult classic.

Jessj958 19

I've seen the movie before but it's been a while. But you do have to admit...if you haven't seen the movie, it would be a little creepy for some stranger to say that to you.

22cute 17

The movie was plenty creepy, actually. The woman did kill people & remove & keep their eyes. "I like the pretty lights." Still.... I would laugh if someone said that to me.