By T3kM4n - United States - Spokane
  Today, I've been recovering for a week from my medically needed circumcision. I'm 30, and they advise you wear essentially a jock strap for the first week to help. It wasn't too bad until I went to take the thing off and it caught a stitch on my manhood. That's the most unique pain ever. FML
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By  Lorex  |  13

Interesting they didn't tell me that when I was 16 for a similar medical reason. They just dosed me with heavy pain meds and said good luck.

  andrmac  |  25

Probably because you could have someone take care of your all your basic needs. Where he would have to still make meals, go to the store, get gas, clean up after everything if he single. Adulting means being passed out on pain meds for 3 or so days and waking every now and then for someone to bring you food isn't going to happen unless someone is willing to do that. He does need to go back to work at some point. You can missing school for several days for medical needs, but you do run out of sick time and short term disability does not pay you full pay check dollars.