By Anonymous - Canada - Niagara Falls
Today, while at work I got a complaint from a guest. She complained that after spending 2 hours to get her hair done for a wedding, she got drenched with water from a child. I work at a WATER PARK. Thank you for calling me a pathetic asshat for no reason in front of other guests. FML
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By  LPac5295  |  27

Why the hell was she at a waterpark if she spent that much time getting her hair ready? unless the wedding was at the waterpark but that wouldn't make much sense.

  WPMorons  |  6

If I got a dollar for every question like yours I'd be rich. But no, I haven't got a clue why she was there and why she thought it would be a wonderful idea to come to water park -.-

And yeah that sounds like an awesome idea!

By  Danne696  |  14

I wouldn't worry, if the other customers also heard why she called you a "pathetic asshat" they would likely come to the conclusion that she was wrong and/or stupid.

By  Mpii  |  11

Don't you know op, it's YOUR fault for being an employee there. And since it's your fault it's suddenly sociqlly acceptable to cuss you out for some reason.

Seriously some people need to pipe down....