By ParkerRommel - 27/01/2012 03:22 - United States

Today, I was apparently tired enough to spray silly string under my armpits rather than deodorant. FML
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Why do you keep your silly string with your hygienic products?

GoW_Chick 14

You just made an everyday mundane thing more fun! :D


GoW_Chick 14

You just made an everyday mundane thing more fun! :D

No she just has awful armpit hair.

8- Too bad OP is a guy

I am not completly convinced and wtf is that fish drawing about I like see that everywhere what the hell.

MustangGirl72 9

I think it's some Pokemon thing.

I'll google that...

There's a party going on under op's arms.

That aint no fish that's a Magikarp! And when it evolves it evolves into a strong ass Gyarados.

Everyone hates on the foreigner for not know about western pop culture...

aww how silly of you

23 - Pokemon was created and first became popular in Japan. Not exactly "western pop culture".

moop, if you don't know who magikarp is..... just get off the internet. Now.

Thank god, and I thought I was the only one who keeps their silly string in the bathroom...

You are so right. Too funny. May they should try coffee before doing anything

mr_torch91 1

Why would you be using spray deodorant? Are you in junior high?

Moop there is a blue 'male' symbol up in the top right corner. Convinced yet?

shanemaximo 7

"Armpits?" So you actually did one then the other before you figured it out? The wheel in your head was turning but the hamster was dead.

What did 'it' do this time? That it is very naughty

RoseTintMyWorld 8


I think this was for the other FML where the cut on OP's arm looked like a vagina.

Benelli_SkM 0


I do that every morning it isn't weird

no, it's a little, er, silly... don't you think?

lebronesque73091 12

How is that possible? XD

Haha this reminds me of a friend who did it with hairspray and wondered why it made his arm pit hairs stiff!

You should of doused some mouth wash on em instead. Minty fresh, yum.

Do you intend on tasting his armpits?

MustangGirl72 9

Sure sounds that way.

GoW_Chick 14

There might be a fetish for that, who knows, I think I'll have to check the archives.

^^^ if there is a foot fetish I'm pretty sure that can be a thing...

I bet she's drooling over armpits doused in mouthwash, as we speak.

31- I know I'm sure drooling over them.

No I don't intend on tasting them. Lol just thought mouth wash would be better then silly string of course. Id say it's a better alternative. Lol

Why do you keep your silly string with your hygienic products?

So if out of no where there's a party, OP's ready for it!

I literally lol'd picturing this, thank you

ninjuh_wingman 29

It must have made you smell great.

robotchicken19 0

Did it do the job?

Ooh what colour??

*OP gives his friend a high five* Friend: What the-?