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  harmony88  |  0

Seriously though, I'm not paranoid, but I keep an eye out for things that i might step in while walking, or that might have been left by someone who'd sat in a seat before me, and it results in a lot less laundry/shoe scraping. Even something like a piece of salad in a chair at a restaurant catches my eye, or chinese food, or whatever else threatens me with dirty clothing. A large amount of vomit shouldn't be hard to miss if you're even vaguely paying attention to the world around you.

  603050294  |  0

#2 my thoughts exactly. Unlike water, vomit isn't usually clear and odorless. OP was paying no attention to his surroundings, and that has a price.

By  SweetestSin  |  4

how did you not notice chunks before sitting? Wasn't there a stench in the air as well? I know if I smell puke I am looking to see where it is so I don't step/sit in it.
Not to mention I have this horrible reaction to look at things before sitting on them simply because you never know what will be there. Y simply DI

By  lettertjes  |  0

They said (with my explanation between brackets):

#9: Ah, the joy of a ride with the NMBS.... (NMBS is the Belgian railways company)
# 13 (OP): Well, I was just leaving Hasselt, so I assume it was someone who drank too much jenever (jenever is a kind of gin, Hasselt is a town known for its jenever)

#10: Limburg, Belgium? Does that exist as well? (there's also a Limburg, the Netherlands)
# 11: Er yes, it's a Belgian province. To be exact, one of the 5 Flemish provinces.