By herzausstein - 21/12/2009 22:36 - Belgium

Today, I took the train home. When seated, I suddenly noticed something wet on my seat. Without looking, I thought it was water since it was snowing outside. Guess again. It was vomit. FML
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It's funny you mention that. Vomit has a distinct smell... hmm.


Seriously though, I'm not paranoid, but I keep an eye out for things that i might step in while walking, or that might have been left by someone who'd sat in a seat before me, and it results in a lot less laundry/shoe scraping. Even something like a piece of salad in a chair at a restaurant catches my eye, or chinese food, or whatever else threatens me with dirty clothing. A large amount of vomit shouldn't be hard to miss if you're even vaguely paying attention to the world around you.

@#31: My thoughts exactly. You have senses so you can pay attention to the world around you, which can benefit you in lots of ways over being oblivious to it.

It's funny you mention that. Vomit has a distinct smell... hmm.

precisely... i smell a fake on this one.. either that or ydi fosho

#2 my thoughts exactly. Unlike water, vomit isn't usually clear and odorless. OP was paying no attention to his surroundings, and that has a price.

These 'sit in vomit' or 'kneel in vomit' or 'hand in vomit' FML's are really old.

Wow that really sucks It looks like a pantless day Have fun in the snow

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how did you not notice chunks before sitting? Wasn't there a stench in the air as well? I know if I smell puke I am looking to see where it is so I don't step/sit in it. Not to mention I have this horrible reaction to look at things before sitting on them simply because you never know what will be there. Y simply DI

maybe the OP had a cold and couldn't smell and not all vomit has chunks iin it.

aaah. de geneugten van een ritje bij de nmbs...

Tja, ik kwam juist van Hasselt, dus ik vermoed dat het iemand was die een glaasje te veel jenever ophad :-)

Ik ben blij dat je nog kunt lachen haha :D

@aron, daarom dat ie het zo laat opmerkte ;D

Limburg, België? Bestaat dat ook dan? :P

Uh ja, het is een Belgische Provincie. Om precies te zijn een van de 5 Vlaamse provincies.

I've never understood why people don't look at the seat before sitting down when they're in public places.

They said (with my explanation between brackets): #9: Ah, the joy of a ride with the NMBS.... (NMBS is the Belgian railways company) # 13 (OP): Well, I was just leaving Hasselt, so I assume it was someone who drank too much jenever (jenever is a kind of gin, Hasselt is a town known for its jenever) #10: Limburg, Belgium? Does that exist as well? (there's also a Limburg, the Netherlands) # 11: Er yes, it's a Belgian province. To be exact, one of the 5 Flemish provinces.