By NotSoSexy - 26/11/2009 00:39 - United States

Today, I was on webcam with my boyfriend and absent-mindedly began sucking on a marker. He jokingly told me it was sexy, so I continued while making obscene gestures and moans. Suddenly he began to look nervous. I turned around to see my dad looking at me, disgusted and confused. FML
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what's facepalm?

shumian 4


39 :epicfacepalm:

[double facepalm]

hellokittywhore 0

[triple facepalm] nowhere near ss what my friends mom walked in on. her masterbating with a curling iron!!!!! I kid you not!!!!

coolster56 0

how can you do that

when the curling iron isn't hot ....I hope

[quadruple facepalm]

Well, I'm not surprised that your dad would be disgusted by the ink all over your face from the marker exploding. At least you weren't using it to pleasure yourself, then you could have ended up carrying a neon-blue baby!

oh man, that sucks!

what a great girlfriend.

a192837465 0

couldve had a V8

Raiders714 0

Damn LOL wat did he say after?

I'm not even gonna comment

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Me, either, but I do agree with #10.

you are #10 ...

perdix 29

He was disgusted because you're a much better marker-sucker than your mom. And she hasn't sucked his marker in years!