By kebaby - 19/06/2010 23:19 - United States

Today, I spent a long time steam-cleaning a mystery stain on my living room carpet. I turned the light on to get a better look at it, and realized that it was a shadow. FML
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lannalisa 6

Why were you cleaning in the dark?

Bahaha, this is something I would do.


SourCandyyz 0

at least you're doing your job woman...

wtf?? why were you cleaning in the dark??

LexaDear 0

agreed with 17. Wouldn't you notice it moving as you move?

samanthadude 0

*facepalm it's alright OP, I do stuff like this all the time. :P

vergaso 0
snagglepaste 0

I don't think you are kidding though.

DontHate31 0

that sucks but you did fail pretty bad haha

stickypoopy 0

omg that came out wrong! :I

stickypoopy 0

sorry! that came out wrong!

dude I've done shit like that too it must have been the weed u got stoned and then got on the cleaning buzz and that's what happened

IchbinSyn 0

Neat freak op?? Getting messed first is the only way to clean it's boring

LexaDear 0

WTF?! when??? I'll go read it!

iCommentFML 0

Change your gosh dam picture Cody before we all go blind!! 

LexaDear 0

hell no. bitch's going down.

soccerdilan 0
LexaDear 0

it's ok I have waaay more page views :p I'm not ok with that. I sent her a message.

LexaDear 0

she probably just wants to **** with me. to make me mad. she knew I'd find out by talking to Raleigh when I obviously talk to him.

PimpdaddyCJT 13

Ayeeeee nice job ya know? this seems to happen to people but not the fonz of course. In soviet russia stain cleans you!

it wasnt dark. op had the windows open and it was during the day probly

jennybelly 0

who freakin vacuums with the lights off?? ydi!!!

alexxss_fml 10

shut the **** up please. this isn't geek central.

Epic_Phale615 0

How could you see the shadow if the ligjt wasn't on in the first place??? epic fail, this is fake!

bubbarific 0

in Soviet Russia, steam clean you!

Who the hell would clean in the dark?

The irony is killing me. You insult someone about being stupid and use your instead of you're

Bahaha, this is something I would do.

KoRn_Freak 1

I know I totaly would too!!! I'm such a neat freak ;b

if i thought it was a stain id shove my bros face in it and tell him to clean it... with his tounge

xX_RayeMoney_Xx 0

What kind of person steam cleans in the dark? even if it's daytime that's still not enough light inside the house to see stains on the floors unless you have white carpets YDI

lannalisa 6

Why were you cleaning in the dark?

OP might have done it with a light but sometimes light can cast shadows depending on the angle.

stickypoopy 0

bingo!!!! I'm first!! I'd like to thank god for this!!

stickypoopy 0

whateva!! I don't need to be first to be cool!

No, instead, you need to type your words in such a way that you sound like a gangster. Ya get wat I'm sayin homie?

stickypoopy 0

I'm not black so I can't be gangster.

stickypoopy 0

that came put wrong sorry!!

superbadd 0

u better ur astronaut it did

superbadd 0
mydesire 5

haha y didn't u have the light on in the 1st place?

Umm who cleans with the light off??? YDI

soccerdilan 0

wow 6 u are sooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PimpdaddyCJT 13

I have my pencil sexy teacher

zattele 3

OCD? half an hour cleaning one spot? u need help

KingDingALing 9

op is on drugs that is the only explanation.