By efffmylife - United States
Today, I went to a fastfood restaurant to pick up food for my work party. I ordered 250 chicken fingers, 15 orders of fries, and 2 gallons of tea, and the guy behind the counter asked, "Is this for here or to go?" FML
efffmylife tells us more :
yeahhh it was at canes! and im a girl btw. and i thought the heftyness was implied... that is why it is an FML
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  jay423  |  0

if he was starting to laugh a lil then u kno he was joking but u should have just looked at home until he realized or said for here and see eat he did

  ZTB13  |  4

I sadly enough can see the person's point, allow me to explain... Chik-fil-a (I'm assuming that is the restaurant in question) is gods second gift to the world so it is understandable why he thought you would order that for yourself how long would it take for you to eat all that I am not sure but I'm not here to judge. My second point is a very years back when I was a senior in high school (2007) my lacrosse team went there for a team lunch and it is the rule that the new guys pay for the veterans and go to get the food do again I see the person's point... And yes I wrote alot yes I have a life but it's six am here I'm bored...


I used to work at KFC and we were required to ask if it was for there or to go otherwise we could be written up. Most of the time, if it was a larger order and you could sort of sense it was to go, people would stare at me in disbelief and I would have to explain. It usually ended with a joke and everyone smiling about it. But there was a regular who would come in, order a 12 piece meal, 3 large sides, and the 6 biscuits, and eat it all in one sitting. By himself. I never understood how.

By  katy_fml  |  0

i just went to moderate fmls, and people are making ones that are like, "Today, I was working at McDonald's and some cranky chick ordered over 200 chicken nuggets, 15 fries, and a lot of tea. As a joke, I said is that for here or to go? Then she yelled at me and I cried."

hahaha :)