By Anonymous - 05/05/2014 21:03 - United States - Indianapolis

Today, a bird got into the walls of my house through a hole. I located where it was by following the chirping and scratching sounds, and drilled a hole to get it out. I pulled out the drill, only to find the drill bit bloody. Suddenly, no more chirps. FML
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grogers311 20

Well, you tried to do the right thing...

It probably would've died soon if it was stuck in your walls anyway.


grogers311 20

Well, you tried to do the right thing...

Lebeaugars95 20

OP really screwed their plan up

AurumPotestasEst 16

Sooo... you're telling us that you took care of the problem...

grogers311 20

And he can drill this learning experience into his head.

is your name dewalt because ur no craftsman

grogers311 20

Ya I couldn't believe it got buried lol - nobody caught the yoda reference I guess

I_Love_You_Girl 2

I'm sure he/she sure wasn't trying to do the right wing...

It probably would've died soon if it was stuck in your walls anyway.

Who's that Pokemoooooon? jajaja

I thought it was living in there, as opposed to being stuck...

xXxGraveStonexXx 20
moonzombie 13

If it did, it wouldn't have died a painful, bloody death from a drill. Poor bird. :(

oh no.. poor OP. it happens. don't beat yourself up too badly. at least you tried to help it.

No, dear, it doesn't happen. That was a one in a million situation.

This exact situation may be unusual but rescue attempts going wrong isn't. Sucks OP, you did your best.

And this dude is giving you credit!! At least the hole is filled lol

No read it again. OP Specifically said they drilled at the spot where they heard the chirping noises coming from, right over the bird. They're a idiot deserving of hate for being so stupid in my opinion.

That's a horrible thing to have on your conscience, I'm sorry OP. Think about at least that it didn't starve to death in the wall, like it may have had you done nothing!

kristabelli 19

I voted YDI... I don't feel like OP was careful enough. I think it was avoidable.

ExtremeEncounter 32

All mistakes are avoidable in some way.

tpm45 25

One time a baby bird landed on my shoulder while I was shoveling snow. I didn't notice, and slammed it in the face with the shovel. I feel your pain, OP.

Is it bad that I find that hilarious and want to see a video of it?

You ruined your chance of being a Disney princess.

@31 yes it is bad that you feel this is funny or would want to see a video of a poor animal getting hurt ! at least op feels terrible that he hurt the bird .

cryssycakesx3 22

those are the people that grow into serial killers...

SystemofaBlink41 27

Damn... That's kind of harsh.

It was probably stuck, maybe you just saved him from the suffering?

kissmeImawkward 17

well..that's how you kill a mockingbird.. O_O so sorry for you and the bird! :(

I agree with #99. You're a bad person

Lolol at least some people aren't afraid to post something real instead of coddling the babies on fml

You can still say you tried to help it get out. But still RIP Bird.