By Anonymous / Monday 5 May 2014 21:03 / United States - Indianapolis
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  bufay  |  21

Who's that Pokemoooooon? jajaja

  yesnid  |  2

No read it again. OP Specifically said they drilled at the spot where they heard the chirping noises coming from, right over the bird. They're a idiot deserving of hate for being so stupid in my opinion.

By  tpm45  |  25

One time a baby bird landed on my shoulder while I was shoveling snow. I didn't notice, and slammed it in the face with the shovel. I feel your pain, OP.

  Mauskau  |  35

Is it bad that I find that hilarious and want to see a video of it?

  Fmlsea  |  26

@31 yes it is bad that you feel this is funny or would want to see a video of a poor animal getting hurt ! at least op feels terrible that he hurt the bird .

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