Hardly getting used to it

By Anonymous - 05/02/2016 02:22 - United States - Columbia

Today, I shared with my doctor that I still feel uncomfortable with my medication. She expressed surprise, saying, "Really? By now I would've thought it'd be routine." Sorry, no. In three months, I have not gotten used to sticking a syringe up my butt and injecting my rectum full of medicated foam. FML
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Ask your doctor to try it for three months and see if she's butt hurt about it.

Oh god....FOAM!?


That's a new one. Good luck on getting that switched, OP.

Sounds like a true pain in the ass.

First wasn't good enough? You had to go and ruin TWO comments?

Sounds like a true pain in the ass that you cant comment once.

Oh god....FOAM!?

drunkmunkey 24

depending on where you go I'm sure you can find people willing to put anything up there

I prefer fire extinguisher fluid myself.

Guess OP's Doctor is used to things up her butt ?

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That sounds painfully. Sorry OP. Hopefully they can find a different medication for you

your grammar is painfully

strange_ness 16

My bad, autocorrect. *painful. Happy? -_-

Ask your doctor to try it for three months and see if she's butt hurt about it.

ananicosia 28

Is there any other treatment you can try for your specific ailment that is less uncomfortable?

Dear God. I am SO SORRY :(

Your treatment looks like a pain in the ass.. FYL.

I hope not. If butt related humor is abolished it means the carebears have taken over the world. Take a stand for butt related humor, make some airplane noises and crop dust a friend, or an enemy!

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Sadly no, the war against bad puns intensifies with every new member

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And for everyone's member there's a bad pun.

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I know of people who would pay good money for that.