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  itssosparkly  |  21

While moderating the FMLs, I read this one. It has been changed and in the original it said that the pictures were forwarded from OP's fiance sending them to other girls.

  ss_20_xx  |  14

78, yes it's crazy how some people seem to comprehend FMLs these days. I've come across about 4 comments in the last 25 minutes where they got me wondering where the hell they got that meaning from.

Well re-read the FML/ comments before being a smart-ass about it.

  charvisioku  |  22

77 - ahaha how old are you mate? I love that you think every guy on the planet NEEDS porn. Okay, yeah, most men do watch it - fair play. But I'm sure they wouldn't keel over and die without it. She wouldn't have been a dick for asking him not to watch it; sometimes you make compromises in relationships (not that you sound mature enough to understand what that means).

Oh and just a side note, the OP wasn't even talking about porn. You fail at life, my friend xD

  Danny0522  |  8

*Facepalm* Let me explain. Since your comment is true, what 7 meant is that he should foward the pictures to other people that they both know, so as to embarrass him. By the way, when I first read your username I thought it said "TheDrugedChild", I wonder if that has something to do with it.

  Roflsauruz  |  12

Exactly. I do this very often: send something to myself from my phone so I can have it on my computer, and then if I need to send it off anywhere else I can do it on either.