By ohyesIfeelspecial - 18/05/2012 16:05 - United States - Portland

Today, my fiancé emailed me some steamy pics. Too bad he forgot to erase "FWD:" from the subject line. FML
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You should keep forwarding them to people he knows ;).

It's amazing how 3 letters (FWD) can ruin you life.


Yep.. with those naughty pictures she saw a side of him she's never seen before.

Am I the only one thinking maybe he sent them to his email from his phone and forwarded them to her, therefore doing nothing wrong?

#34 I was thinking the same thing cause I've emailed pics in that way before.

uzworm 4

Nah, that makes too much sense.

He's a dick for looking at ****? She's a dick if she expects him to live without ****. It's the life blood of every man.

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77- who said anything about ****?

While moderating the FMLs, I read this one. It has been changed and in the original it said that the pictures were forwarded from OP's fiance sending them to other girls.

ss_20_xx 14

78, yes it's crazy how some people seem to comprehend FMLs these days. I've come across about 4 comments in the last 25 minutes where they got me wondering where the hell they got that meaning from. Well re-read the FML/ comments before being a smart-ass about it.

77 - ahaha how old are you mate? I love that you think every guy on the planet NEEDS ****. Okay, yeah, most men do watch it - fair play. But I'm sure they wouldn't keel over and die without it. She wouldn't have been a dick for asking him not to watch it; sometimes you make compromises in relationships (not that you sound mature enough to understand what that means). Oh and just a side note, the OP wasn't even talking about ****. You fail at life, my friend xD

Dump his ass, OP. He doesn't deserve you.

wouldn't someone else had to send him these steamy pictures for him to fwd them to her?? Were the pictures of him? Or him & someone else or him & her?? ...hmmm...

Nope that was my first thought. I send pictures to my email from my phone to save them ( not naughty but still use fwd to be more efficient)

100 yrs compromised must be made but one must always be careful not to be taken advantage of too

I am guessing from this that you are under the age of 20?

It's amazing how 3 letters (FWD) can ruin you life.

Tell me about it. Just like the letters STD.

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6, 19, and 21's comments all together sound like a song :D

1,2,3 HIV do, ra, me theyre STD's girlll

Just to play devil's advocate. It IS possible he sent them from his phone to his email, then forwarded to his wife.

Fx13mz 7

You should keep forwarding them to people he knows ;).

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23- Your picture... It's traumatizing.

57- So was their comment. Too much? Perhaps it is so.

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The chick with the knife in her back, fuckwad. I suggest retiring from commenting.

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Who is the mods and people who clicked the "yes" button, Alex.

If you don't care, DON'T COMMENT or IGNORE THE FML, shit-stain.

CoffeeChickBlows 13

Thanks for hopping my nuts and basically repeating my sentiments, TEENY_BOPPER.

lol shit stain. permission to add this to my insult vocabulary sir?

Guys, you can't fight of you're teaming up to combat someone else. And 5, obviously you cared enough to comment, sweetheart.

#5 Your profile name is trying to give you advice.

That's not what OP meant. He apparently forwarded them to other women as well.

*Facepalm* Let me explain. Since your comment is true, what 7 meant is that he should foward the pictures to other people that they both know, so as to embarrass him. By the way, when I first read your username I thought it said "TheDrugedChild", I wonder if that has something to do with it.

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then don't watch it, if its still in syndicate

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They could have been sent from his phone then emailed to you. Talk to him and think about the bright side possibilities before assuming the worse.

Exactly. I do this very often: send something to myself from my phone so I can have it on my computer, and then if I need to send it off anywhere else I can do it on either.

Must have missed this when I posted below, whoops :)

Yes exactly always get their side of the story as well

No no no, you misunderstood. That stands for "Fiancé: What a Dick!" Oh wait...never mind, you understood it just fine.

Actually, it did rhyme. It's called an internal rhyme. M(i)nd F(i)ne. The "i" is the key initiative. (: