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By  WeirdUS  |  29

There is a lot left out that needs to be filled in. Was she actually in a committed relationship with you? How long were you dating what was the circumstances of you buying the dress and the ages of the parties involved. Since you said corporate event I'm guessing it was fancy it cost a good bit, but if you guys weren't dating long and didn't have a secure relationship it might not entirely be her fault.

  Lillysar91  |  20

What? He said girlfriend. Not friends with benefits not a polygamous relationship where both parties do engage in other sexual encounters with the consent of their partners. He helped her CHOOSE a dress for a corporate event so we can guess she is a grown ass woman who knows right from wrong so cheating is no way justifiable. No it her fault no matter how short the relationship is or how you young you are. Cheating is wrong. End of it and that's why he posted. If he were in a relationship where they agreed to see other people and then got pissed she did so it's his own problem but clearly this is not the case.